Federal Police kills Muslim Protesters in Garba town (Wallo)

October 21, 2012 (The Gulele Post) — The Ethiopian federal  police has once again killed two Muslim protesters in Garba town of Wallo. It is  to be remembered that, last April, securities stormed a Mosque in Gadab Assasa  in Oromia and killed four citizens.

The latest conflict in Wallo is said to have started when the government rejected five delegates chosen during  the widely boycotted Mejlis  election two weeks ago.  Witnesses say that the federal police   publicly  brutalized  the delegates who protested against the rejection, an action that enraged residents  who took to the street to denounce the brutality. Then the police fired live bullets which wounded unknown number of protesters. Activists  put the number of civilian causalities at four,  while  state media  claims  two civilians and a police officer.

Organizers of the ongoing protest believe that,  having failed to provoke the urban protest, the regime is deliberately attacking the rural population  to use their angry response as pretext to prevent the  upcoming Eid Arafa prayer from taking place in public.  Activists have been planning and organizing to turn the prayer into nation wide peaceful protest in all major towns across the country.  Organizers are  spreading messages on social media pleading  with the public to refrain from playing in to  the regime’s hand by engaging the securities in any form that allows them  to incite violence.

–The Gulele Post