Global peace index 2012: Ethiopia dropped

June 12, 2012 (The Guardian)  — The world has become more peaceful for the first time since 2009 according to the annual Global Peace Index (GPI) released today. Austerity-driven defence cuts creating gains in several indicators of militarisation and improvements in the Political Terror Scale have lead to changes in the annual rankings.

Iceland is once again ranked the most peaceful  country in the world, followed by Denmark and New Zealand. Syria has seen the biggest drop in margin, falling over 30 places to be placed at 147th. The UK has fallen three places to 29th position, meaning it is the first year the UK placement has not risen in the list.

The peace indicator for Ethiopia is falling from year to year.  It was placed at 103 position in 2007, but  it dropped to 137 this year. Eritrea ranked at 122 position, much better than Ethiopia. Kenya also dropped from 111 last year to 120 this year.  Both Djibouti and South Sudan are not in the list.

Somalia is the least peaceful country at 158th position and with a score of 3.392.   Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq and the Democratic Republic of Congo make up the bottom five.

Sub-saharan Africa is no longer the least peaceful region in the world, for the first time since the GPI began.

–Full Report can be read at  the Guardian