By : Tsegaye Hailu | September 15, 2012

In his New Year (2005 EC) message to Tigreayan People, President of Tigray Region, Abay Woldu warned Tigreayans that TPLF will not accept the new attempt of some TPLF leadership for “unholy” reconciliation with those who were swept away from the front by the renewal program. The Prime Minister post is reserved for Tigreans, he said. Abay Woldu is now chairman of TPLF.

“The offspring of a snake is a snake too”. This is originally one of a lovely Swahili proverb. It is just a biological fact in nature. A snake replaces a snake, not something different. As the old generation of snake dies out a new generation of snake exists and functions in ecological world. Therefore, as the old generations of snakes bites and inject deadly venom, the offspring supplies the same physiology too. Snakes gives snakes generation after generations in the process of reproduction. Well said the Swahili speakers, but we the Oromo people are so rich in proverbs but we can see another day for give me just for today. My intention is not to deal with proverbs or animal biology but i want to take the facts of this proverb to the current situations in Ethiopian empire, specially with the the internal struggle for power with in dictatorial regime ruling party EPRDF.

As we all know, it has been more than a month since the horrible and bloody dictator who massacred thousands of innocent people of horn of Africa most of them are Oromos, Meles Zenawi passed away. But after the death of autocrat Zenawi, the EPRDF killer regime is busy in finding the successor of dead Meles. Therefore, Ethiopia is a state with out head of state for the time being. The EPRDF executive council members in their closed-door meeting on Tuesday 4, Sept 2012, disagreed on the election procedures for the appointment of new leader. The further delay of naming party chief and prime minster of the state shows clearly the war behind the closed door of EPRDF between Zenawi’s spoiled political children.

For the Oromo people and other oppressed people of Ethiopia, as the offspring of a snake is just a snake too, the power struggle between gangs of EPRDF has no such big importance. No significance whether Mr. Hailemariam, Or Bereket, or Abadulla, or Abay, or some one else assigned as a head of state of the empire. Because they are already promised to be the real children of their killer father, Meles Zenawi. All are the offspring of fatal snake, Meles Zenawi. They are copied from the genes that determine killing, torture, exile, hunger, and total humanitarian destruction in the horn of Africa.

By no means we hope for better of our destiny when Abyssinians changing each other on power. History gave us more than enough lesson. From the black Hitler, Menelik II, to Meles all changes showed the snake replaces just a snake to the Oromo people. Every power change brought only more agony to the life of the Oromo people over a century. The Nigerian people have one proverb to describe the case. ” A child sent to steal by his father will break in through the door and not the window”, which means he will go in with full of confidence and assurance to steal. What we have seen for more than a century in Oromia is the same. Changes on power just gave oppressors who killed us, imprisoned us, exiled us in confidence and ignorance.

Therefore, as EPRDF is on red line in the fight for power with in it self, we must not give our attention to the matter. Rather, we have to plan and focus on our own struggle for freedom. We have to work hard by our selves to ensure our self determination and ends a century oppression. The Abyysinians who are interchanging each other on our land, resource, people and identity are preparing their knives to slaughter us again and again. Now, we must say we are tired of slavery and Abyysinian more than century long oppression.

Now, it is our time, now it our chance to go a step ahead in our struggle for freedom. This is a late but right time and may be fortunately perfect time to be in unity and ensure our freedom, self determination. Oromo, home of the gadaa, let us come together and keep the gear of our struggle for freedom at high speed than as ever as before. We have to promise for each other under the shadow of Odda, no more slavery, no more colony, no more exile, no more torture, no more death in the hands of colonizers.

We have to see around the horn of Africa and North of Africa, where unity and determination plus self sacrifice wins dictators. Southern Sudan and Eritrea are current examples where struggle for self determination in unity with sacrifice claims independence. Aren’t we far more powerful people, resourceful people in the horn of Africa? Yes , we are in deed. Therefor, for sure our struggle wins against our oppressors. We will not stop to struggle until we claim our mother land, home of the gadaa, Oromia.

Men and women, young and old, at home and in exile, all respected people of Oromia, put off your attention from power struggle in EPRDF, as it is just normal process of nature where a snake gives a young snake. The death of Meles will give us another snake soon.

Let us unite under the umbrella of our people, our shield, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and fight for our freedom in full potential. Stand up Oromo !, it is our time now. Our unity is our strength and our strength will result in our freedom, independence. We will see the Oromia flag flying high soon if we struggle in unity. Let us coordinate and unite once and for all apart from our minor differences. Oromos in Oromia and in exile, it is time to kick the oppressors out of Oromia as soon as possible before it is too late.

I want to conclude my article with the heroic manifesto, i can say a promise for Oromia, by National Oromian Youth Movement (Qeerroo). “We, Oromo and all other oppressed peoples students, declare to the world and the Ethiopian peoples that we are commited to be first in torching the revolution. Given the recent history of Oromo students’ movement, we are cognizant of the price of freedom. We are determined to die in freedom than living in slavery. We are confident that soon the remaining Ethiopian peoples would follow us in upholding the torch of the revolution so that their oppression, suffering and slavery end here and now and give way, one and for all, for liberty, freedom and democracy to prevail”

Victory for The Oromo People
Tsegaye Hailu

Tsegaye Hailu can be contacted at tsegishor@gmail.com