Tension within TPLF inner circle is mounting-Meles redculed for nepotism

May 26, 2012

There has been a spreading whisper among TPLF big wigs about the recent tension within TPLF central committee members. In their informal meeting in Meles’ zenawi’s office to assess the rising protests by Ethiopian Moslems and other segments of the society, few members of the TPLF political bureau members were irritated by Meles’ recent remarks in regard to the mounting corruption within his government. Meles has been calling people within the government as “thieves in the government” and he blamed them as the main elements that are taking the corruption to stratospheric level.

However, few members of the political bureau led by Abay Tsehaye voiced their concern that nepotism and corruption started from the top-citing Meles’ nomination of his wife to lead the front’s business empire and also coerce members to elect Azeb to be the sole female member of TPLF’s political bureau member.

Sources said Abay told Meles that “ Ye-Asa Gematu Ke Chenqlatu” and Meles got very infuriated by Abay’s remarks and attempted to respond in kind by saying that everybody is riding on his back and without his diplomatic skills TPLF would cease to lead the country and all of its leaders would fall prey to “Amahra’s sword”.

It is also now becoming an open secret that there is a rising tension between the TPLF generals and “civilian” leaders in the government-the main reason for the tension is that the generals thinks that they have been short changed in sharing spoils of TPLF victory over Ethiopia for the last 20 years. Many members of TPLF political bureau are believed that they are fleeing their capital to foreign banks given the uncertain future of TPLF in Ethiopia’s political landscape. The coming couple years will determine the fate of TPLF as we know it.

–Ethiopian Review