Zenawi’s Funeral Live-Screening Cancelled in Melbourne

Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria Inc.

“Committed to facilitating community development and growth,
while maintaining the rich cultural heritage of the Oromo people”

Media Release

Monday, 3 September, 2012

The Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria (AOCAV) welcomes Victoria Police’s decision to prevent live screenings of Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s funeral at Federation Square, yesterday afternoon.

The late Prime Minister’s regime has been renowned for perpetrating human rights abuses; persecuting, killing, torturing, imprisoning and executing millions of Oromo and Ogadenians over the past two decades.

The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Genocide Watch reports attest to these heinous crimes.

In Australia, members of Victoria’s Oromo community supported police resolve during intense scrutiny by Ethiopian mourners yesterday. “Victorian police responded in the most appropriate manner to ensure the safety of all community members and surrounding citizens of Federation Square,” responded Ms. Sinke Wesho, Public Relations Representative for the AOCAV.

Chairperson Aisha Ali said that screening the funeral of a Prime Minister who was renowned for human rights abuses at a significant multicultural icon in Melbourne, such as Federation Square, was not appropriate.

“If this event was to continue, it would have been a huge insult and degradation to peace-seeking Australian-Oromo citizens, who fled the escalating violence perpetrated upon them by the Ethiopian government,” Aisha said.

“All of our members have experienced Meles’ brutal attacks either to themselves, family members or friends.”

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Aisha Ali, President of the AOCAV: ocaustralia@gmail.com on +61 422 869 709.

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