Ethiopian rebels reportedly attack Chinese oil workers in southeast

Radio Freedom frontline (26/09/2011)

Radio Freedom frontline war correspondent has reported that Ogaden National Liberation Army [ONLA] is continuing heavy attacks to liberate the Ogaden [southeastern Ethiopia] from colonial Ethiopian forces. Our correspondent said over 60 Ethiopian troops were killed and many more wounded in the latest battles, details of which are as follows:

On 18 September, well-trained ONLA units carried out a heavy attack on workers from Chinese oil firm PetroTrans and Ethiopian troops guarding them at a place called Iley near Obale in the district of Degeh Bur, Jerar Province, where they were conducting oil exploration activity. As the battle intensified, Chinese workers and Ethiopian troops escorting them were chased out of the site towards the camp they had come from. Ethiopian troops rushed the Chinese to Kebri Bayah town. The ONLA occupied Iley for three days. Thirty colonial Ethiopian troops were confirmed killed and many more were wounded in Iley. The ONLA also captu! red a large quantity of provisions and military equipment from colonial Ethiopian troops. ONLF freedom fighters abandoned the place after occupying it for three days, taking with them captured war materials. The ONLF Command, which led the operation in which colonial Ethiopian troops were destroyed and their attempt to exploit the Ogaden oil was foiled, said that ONLF troops were ready to deliver an even heavier blow to colonial Ethiopian troops if they make a second such move. Colonial Ethiopian troops went on a rampage against civilians after coming under the attack. On 18 September, they killed a civilian man named Heybe Ali in Iley. In Ararso, they killed a civilian man named Ina Abdinur Janagale, and in Tahid Tusmo [phonetic], Aware district, they massacred civilians.

On 16 September, ONLA freedom fighters attacked a group of Ethiopian troops at a place called Hajin, in Degeh Buur district, Jerar province, killing two soldiers and wounding two others. The troops had gone there to conduct an operation against local people. ONLA commando unit conducted a raid on military positions in Fik town, Nogob province, killing a top army officer stationed there and wounding many colonial soldiers. Whenever colonial Ethiopian troops venture out of their bases, they are attacked by the ONLA fighters, who also target attempts by Chinese oil company PetroTrans to explore oil in the Ogaden.

On 20 September, ONLA freedom fighters carried out such an attack against colonial troops who were deployed at a place called Moyaha in Kebri Bayah for the same objective. Reports say massive casualties were inflicted on colonial Ethiopian troops.