5 Yr old girl gang raped by the Ethiopian soldiers

October 25, 2012, Addis (Sunatimes) – Young Haliimo Rashiid Mahamed Ali, a 5 year old girl in Dhagaxmadow town, was gang raped by Ethiopian soldiers on Oct 15, 2012. Eyewitnesses and local reporters have confirmed Halimowas abducted by a group of Ethiopian soldiers and held her captive for three days,

It is reported that the health of the raped young girl is deteriorating since she have almost bled to death due to the injuries caused by the gang rape.

The rape of young girls has now reached epidemic proportions in Ogaden and is becoming the most potent weapon used by the Ethiopian military against the Ogaden civilians.

Civilians living closer to the military garrison where these innocent females are held report the screams of the females day and night as it appears they might be tortured or gang raped.

–Suna Times