Abdi Iley, the notorious Somali region president sacked

October 19, 2012 (Gulele Post) — Abdi Mohamed Omer (aka Abdi Iley),  the  president of Somali region, is reportedly removed  from the post he had held since 2010.  Abdi Iley, who was chief of  regional security before becoming presidency, had been Abay Tsehaye’s point man in the creation of the notorious Liyuu (special ) police that have been accused   of committing horrendous crimes against civilians.

According to people who knew him, Abdi Iley is a psychopath known for personally torturing political prisoners  often holding  many of them for days in his own office or residence. One NGO workers delcared ” the most terrifying figure in that war wretched region.” It was such notoriety that made Abdi Alley the most trusted local clientele for the Tigrean security operatives.

His downfall came due to two recently leaked videos that exposed the extent of criminal activity that routinely takes place in the region. The first was the raw footage of the film used as evidence against the Swedish journalists,  Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye.  The edited version of the film which supposedly show the moment when the journalists were caught in action was presented to court justifying the 11 year long sentence against the Swedes. In a recent interview with the BBC Persson and Schibbye exposed Abdi Iley as the man responsible for orchestrating the drama.  Schibbye told the BBC‪

“This was not being done by some crazy militia: the director was the vice president in the region, and in the evening the regional president [Abdi Iley] called us and said, ‘We are not satisfied by your performances in the film,’” said Mr Schibbye‬”

After Persson and Schibbye were pardoned and left the country, the unedited version of the film surfaced showing the whole drama was staged days after the journalists were captured, to incriminate the journalists.  This  raw footage was shown on Swedish media embarrassing the Ethiopian government, whose departed ‘Great Leader’, repeatedly pointed to that fake video as irrefutable evidence. While publicly sticking to their story, Ethiopian government officials began  distancing  themselves from the affair telling diplomats that the federal government was also duped by the regional government .

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