Organic Democracy = Akeldama + Tinsa’e Ethiopia

July 24, 2012 ( – We have become experts in predicting what dictators are going to do after they take some major actions on dissidents. After Meles Zenawi has detained a large number of opposition politicians and critical journalists, I have posted the following on Ayyaantuu News Online on November 18, 2011:

Fear as a Weapon of Oppression (A Book Review – The Animal Farm)

It is more than 150 years since Bulwer Lytton discovered that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” After George Orwell wrote the Animal Farm, however, Bulwer’s discovery became obsolete and the claim that “the pen is mightier than the atomic bomb” has become a popular saying as the publication of the book coincided with the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

That is why Russell Baker wrote the following note on the preface to George Orwell’s classic – The Animal Farm: “In the last hundred years, (now hundred and fifty years), enough has happened to justify us in believing that the pen’s response to the challenge of force is at least not ludicrous and hopeless; instead, it is at least the one serious hope we have.”

“He (Orwell) thought too many decent people in the Western democracies had succumbed to a dangerously romantic view of the Russian Revolution that blinded them to Soviet reality… It was as though a great deal of the West had willingly put on blinders, and this was because the Red Army that year had fought the Nazis to a standstill and forced it to retreat… It became hard to write candidly of the Soviet System without being accused of playing dupe to the Nazis.”

Likewise, it was also hard to write or fight against the West’s favorite dictators like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia without being labeled as a “terrorist.”

George Orwell was a socialist who attacked both Capitalism and Communism. His belief in the importance of political decency and Joseph Stalin’s political system, with its bloody purges and police-state brutality was the target of the Animal Farm.

George Orwell also predicted the birth of Professor Toynbee, who was yet unborn when he was alive. If he were alive, he would read the works of Professor Noam Chomsky who is alive now and the works of many professors – a book called What Orwell Didn’t Know. Totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of the enlightened even in the developed Western democracies. Totalitarian propaganda has undermined Jeffersonian Democracy and the people of the United States have also become victims of totalitarianism in the last decade.

We now know what Orwell didn’t know but still admire him for his bold move to criticize his contemporaries for their failure to protest, to be swallowed, remaining passive and accepting. We have seen different faces of tyranny and it appears that the year 2011 is a very odd year for dictators. The Arab Spring has swept away African strong men like Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali and Muammar Gadhafi.

Zenawi of Ethiopia was getting billions of Dollars in the form of foreign aid for cleverly disguising himself as a liberal democrat and an ally of the West on the war on terrorism. The rest of the world has only known the tyrant regime of Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia very recently. Thanks to the groundswell of advocacy, now the world has come to know that both Zenawi and the flawed Western Foreign policies are greatly failing Ethiopia. I don’t personally think the West is in a position to defend their stand anymore regarding their failures in supporting and empowering the ethnocentric minority regime in Ethiopia. Empowering the minority means weakening the majority. According to the CIA Fact book, the Tigrean people are only 5.8 million out of the 90.4 million people of the Ethiopian population. The TPLF claims it represents this minority group and all the state machineries – the judiciary, the media, financial institutions, the military, civil services and the electoral board are controlled by this minority group.

Like in the era of Orwell, those cardinal words such as “equality, peace, democracy” have been fraudulently converted into shibboleths of political warfare. More sweet words such as free speech, free market, globalization, and so on were added to confuse the bewildered herd. Meles Zenawi is well known for speaking the jargons of liberal democracy and he is very popular in the Western world.

During the Durgue regime, such purges and idea engineering were originating from Moscow. Now, during the minority dictatorship of the Tigrean Liberation Front of Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia, similar purges and idea engineering ,with a slight change in tactic, are originating from London and Washington. Attacking such frauds and exposing crimes on the majority was our primary objective and I hope the roles words have played are very significant. Exposing tyranny in the era of the Internet and social media is the primary goal of independent media.

Although Zenawi and his supporters have tried to criminalize dissent by instilling fear on the majority, we are used to the Red Terror of the Dergue regime and we were not that scared by the new brand of scare tactic – the Red Scare. The Red Terror was a scare tactic used by the Soviet block while the Red Scare is used by the Western block to scare the mass. Such unsubstantiated accusations and instilling fear on the public is an attempt to criminalize dissent and to control the opinion of both the enlightened and the bewildered herd.

The Red Terror, as a scare tactic, was developed by Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. The Red Scare was developed by Joseph McCarthy to counter the Red Terror. As a mastermind behind such scare tactic, a Republican Senator, Joseph McCarthy, of the United States was very famous for his unsubstantiated accusations and labeling of Democratic candidates as Communists. As you all remember, the Republicans have tried to label Barack Obama as a “terrorist” and he fought back saying, “I never doubted the intelligence of the American people.”  He was right. The American people were not scared anymore. They were not stupid to understand about an eight-year old boy’s connections with a “terrorist” organization. They voted for him and he became their president.

The grand conspiracy of empowering the minority regime at the expense of the majority of the people of the Horn of Africa has created a political space where those who claim that they represent about 6% of the Ethiopian population dominate and control every state machinery and all institutions of the government and civil societies. If you write against such injustices, as the Chairman of the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray (M.L.L.T.) and the Prime Minister of Revolutionary Democracy, Meles Zenawi has integrated and blended the two scare tactics together and invented Organic Democracy.

But Meles made a grave mistake when he created the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization. Blood is thicker than water and one Jajjabee has exposed Organic Democracy to the world. The people have the right to know and Wikileaks have also exposed most of these purges to the public. While politicians in the West are using words to scare their opponents, Zenawi of Ethiopia is using bombs to scare the people.  An atrocity that was committed in Asandabo backfired to him and Meles Zenawi has paid a heavy price for meddling with the Oromo cause. We do not want to sink to his level and we have given a video to the Human Rights Watch to investigate the massacre in Asandabo in coordination with local activists. The best remedy to get rid of such brutal dictators is to unite and the time is now!

Jaalataa Bilisummaa

Note: Akeldama is the hardware of Organic Democracy while Tinsa’e Ethiopia is its software. After you read this article watch Akeldama Drama and listen to Tinsa’e Ethiopia war cry. You will observe scare tactic and bigotry in its worst form. It is Albert Einstine who observed that “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the former.”

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