Chronology of the Evolution of Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF)

October 13, 2012 (Oromo Press) — In recent months, the activities of Oromo Dialogue Forum have been looming large in the Diasporas. The group has transformed itself from holding small and secret house meetings, where the founders would Skype in from Germany, Norway and Minnesota to holding public meetings in cities such as Minneapolis and Washington DC, among others. The questions many ask is: How was this organization formed and where is it headed? Does what ODF do qualify as “dialogue”? Is it a neutral body to carry out dialogue? In this, piece we will present a simple chronology of the formation and evolution of ODF to help the public understand the organization.

August 2006 Brig Gen Kemal Galchu along with two other officers and 100 soldiers defects
from Ethiopian Army and joins OLF in Eritrea
2008 Brig Gen Kemal Galchu breaks away from OLF and forms Jijiirama Koree Yeroo
with the goal of struggling for Ethiopia’s unity.
July 2008 Dima Noggo misses OLF meeting, but attends Jijjiirama meeting expecting to rise to power
July 2008 Lenco Lata declares that he is neither in OLF nor Jijjiirama
2010 Lico Bukura, Abdata Basire and Kanu Jirmo conspire and handover Jijjiirama armed troops to Ethiopia and declare OLF is no longer at war with the Ethiopian regime
2010  Big Gen Galchu and Col. Hailu Gonfa declare they struggle not for Oromo, but Ethiopia
2011 Jijjiirama splits into more than two factions–Galchu/Amin Jundi joined Ginbot 7
2011 Mediation between Jijjiirama and OLF fails

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