Defeat-Mongerer-in-Chief, Prof. Ephraim Isaac, and Oromo Dialogue Forum’s Founder, Obbo Leenco Lata | June 24, 2012

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The photo shows the “founder” of the Oromo Dialogue Forum (Waltajii Marii Oromoo), Obbo Leenco Lata (left), entering a meeting room with the company of Prof. Ephraim Isaac (right) in July 2011 in Minnesota. The reason of their meeting in Minnesota had not been disclosed to the public.

The Professor
Prof. Ephraim Isaac is the defeat-mongerer-in-chief aka Zenawi’s “peace-maker,” according to critics, who accuse Prof. Isaac of being TPLF’s handpicked “elder.” Among the Oromo, he’s well-known as the “elder” who negotiated Obbo Ababiya Abajobir’s decommissioning from the just struggle of the Oromo people for national self-determination, including and up-to independence.

Overall, in dealings Prof. Ephraim Isaac has been involved in so far, such as the Ogaden ONLF, Kinijit and the OLF/Ababiya-Abajobir cases, neither the peace has been achieved nor the issues have been resolved, though Prof. Isaac claims that he’s on a mission to peacefully revolve conflicts in the Horn of Africa by partnering with one of the worst dictators of the Horn of Africa’s recent history – Atse Zenawi.

Some actually say that, when Atse Zenawi is unable to defeat his opponents, he sends Prof. Ephraim Isaac to finish them off through “peaceful resolution” aka “negotiations.” The following article, written in 2007 by Oromo Affairs, describes the “tactics of negotiations,” as perfected by Atse Meles Zenawi.

The case of OLF/Ababiya-Abajobir is presented below as it’s a textbook example of the failure of Prof. Ephraim Isaac’s approach of taming the victim, instead of stopping the victimizer, namely Atse Zenawi.

Is Oromo Dialogue Forum’s Precursor the “Peace Organization”?
Some accuse the Oromo Dialogue Forum of attempting “to abort the Oromo national liberation struggle” in more or less the same way of the already failed “peace organization” of Obbo Ababiya Abajobir, the former high-ranking Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) member, who decided to abandon the Oromo national liberation struggle in 2008 before the realization of the Oromo people’s quest for national self-determination and freedom – for which Obbo Ababiya Abajobir himself spent a decade in the Ethiopian Empire’s high-security torture prison of Maikelawi.

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