Launches Monthly Newsletter, FinfinneTribune, Read/Share the First Edition

FinfinneTribuneFirstEdition2013_2Feberuary 17, 2013 (Gadaa) —, the online media outlet serving the Oromo nation as well as the Horn of African region, has launched a monthly bilingual electronic newsletter (e-newsletter, in PDF format) that covers community and civic topics that are relevant to the Oromo nation and the Horn of African region. The e-newsletter is named FinfinneTribune, and presents information in English and Afan Oromo.

Read/share/print/distribute/email now: click here to get the first edition of FinfinneTribune (Vol. 01, No. 01, March 2013, Bitootessa 2013).

FinfinneTribune is delivered to its audience electronically through the email, or printed-on-demand by volunteers who would like to distribute the newsletter in the Diaspora or in Oromiyaa, where no single newspaper exists in the Afan Oromo language, despite the language being the third widely spoken in the entire Africa. FinfinneTribune’sdistribution solely depends on volunteers to reach the wider audience, and it’s also EMAIL-on-Demand to reach the audience back home in Oromiyaa. FinfinneTribune will strive to serve the information-starved community with utmost professionalism and dedication.

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