IN PICTURES: Qeerroo in London Celebrates Olympics Victory of Oromiyaan Olympians

Aug 13 ( On the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympics on August 12, the Qeerroo in London held a ceremony to celebrate the phenomenal achievements of Oromo Olympians. The ceremony was held in conjuction with the Men’s Marathon event. Though Oromiyaa is a stateless country in the Horn of Africa – struggling for the right to self-determination and independence, Oromo Olympians have graced the Olympic Games over the years. From winning the first Olympic medal for black Africa (Abebe Bikila in Rome in 1960) to winning the first Olympic medal for Bahrain (Maryam Yusuf Jamal in London in 2012), Oromo Olympians have made history in long-distance athletics at the Games. With the realization of Oromiyaa’s independence, Oromo Olympians will continue to grace Oromiyaa at the Olympic Games.

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