“One Does Not Live as One Knows, but as Time Demands” | “Akka Baran utuu hin ta’in Akka Baraatt jiratu”

Ibsaa Guutama | Fulbana 2012 (September 2012)

Though not a fundamental one, a symbolic change is taking place in the Ethiopian Empire. A famous kingdom of Wala’ita was destroyed; its leaders wiped out; and its population reduced to less than half of what it used to be from death and enslavement by Habashaa invaders a hundred years (1894) ago. Those enslaved were turned into pack animals to carry goods, and mills to grind grain for the army that continued to invade other lands. Their women, in addition to the labor assigned for them, were also used as gratifiers for the gun wielders. Many were sold in domestic and foreign markets, and converted to cash. Those enslaved had also a great contribution in building the invaders’ palace founded in 1886 in Oromiyaa, another new colony. Today, one of their sons is going to make that palace his dwelling and be their king, and a commander-in-chief of the modern version of that army without forging a spear. Like they made his ancestors prostrate, they are also going to prostrate in front of him. Empayera Itiyoophiyaatt geedarama bu’uuraa yoo hin jedhamnellee geedarammii mallattaawaan gaggeeffamaa jira. Biyyi beekamaan Wala’ittaa jedhamu waggaa dhibba dura (1894) duultuu Habashaan barbadaawee, hogganoti saanii manca’anii, ummati saanii walakkaa ol du’aa fi garboomfamuun irra gahee ture. Kan garboomfaman raayyaa biyyoota biraatt duuluu itt fufeef binoo geejjibaa fi warshaa daakuuti jijjiiramanii turani. Hedduun gabaa biyya keessaa fi alaatt gurguramuun callaatt geeddaraman. Dhalaan saanii hojii humnaa itti kennameen addatt qabaneeffata raayyaa sanaa ta’an. Akkasumas garboomfatamooti sun masaraa mootichaa garboomfataa 1886 kolonii haraa biraa Oromiyaa keessatt bu’uurfame ijaaruu irratt qooda guddaa gumaachan. Hardha ilmi saanii tokko utuu eeboo itti hin qaratin masaricha mana saa godhachuun mootii fi raayyaa saanii dhaloota ammayyaati ajajaa olhaanaa ta’uuf adeema. Akkuma akaakilee saa lafa dhoofsisan isaanis isa fulduratt lafa dha’uuf adeemu.

His religion is one they refer to as “Kinishaa” (derogative for Protestant) with contempt or “Tsera Maariam” (anti-Mary). Even if he is de facto their puppet, de jure, he is their highest king. Nothing could move without his signature. It is not hard to imagine what impact this would have on the psychology and morale of the chauvinists. Since he is yet a tool of oppression, no benefit will come out of him for the oppressed. But, the symbolic victory to be gained by that – will not be simple. Some say because there is the hidden hand of “Xosso” in it, no one can reverse it. They believe that even the money TPLF plundered and piled up, and the network it laid down to ensnare other peoples cannot bend that hand. Like it is said, “That who abuses the destitute cannot become rich.” Even if the hand of“Xosso” or other is not there, the catastrophe that is approaching darkening does not seem to turn back. Maltreatment has reached to peoples’ necks.What are happening now are different from the past. Though past Habashaa kings were not themselves Habashaa, their origins were highly confidential. For that reason, they used to tag them to Solomon. Before the composition of the Darg was known, it was rumored that their chief was a “Walaamoo.” Even after they were made public, except for the leader’s color being dark, his origin was never mentioned though the onlookers assumed him to be anything they liked. It was tried to make him a son of Minilik’s illegitimate son. After all were gone, the question, “were not the emperor as well as Darg’s leader Oromo?” started to be asked? All that was to say that, since Oromo had contributed leadership for the empire over a long period, they have no right to ask for independence. They know in their hearts that Oromo had never joined them as a people, except as captives, servants and assimilated individuals.

Tigrawayi did not bother to insist on false evidences from history. They tried to mold changes that seemed all-inclusive. First, they said “federal.” Now, they are talking about equal participation in the party. With that, the son of southern peoples, in particular, that of a Wala’ita, has publicly mounted onto the saddle. There is also a fake election surrounding it. All the colonies are in it by a pretentious election. They want to claim that their party is all-inclusive. Still, the system is what the colonizer has laid down for itself. It does not work for others, except for themselves. Many may say that one who mounted has no own personality, except identity to console themselves. The system has decayed; how far the present maneuver can buy it life is not known. But, unless the rights of peoples to national self-determination are publicly recognized and implemented peacefully, what has decayed could suddenly fall apart, and cause more damage.

To benumb liberation movements of the peoples, Wayyaanee had gathered and created for all an organization it called “People’s Democratic Organization,” and declared EPRDF as a coalition of equals. In there, the Southern peoples, Oromo, Amaaraa and Tigrawayi have one organization each. It means on paper south and north has equal voices. That they may not question its authority in the course of time, TPLF entangled them in a system and laws denying them harmonious relations by continuous assessment cessions. Despite that, the others are starting to come forward by utilizing the same system it laid down. True power lies with one that has upperhand on the economy and control mechanisms. For the time, that is Wayyaanee. Whether to dodge hate piled for twenty years or because the rein has fallen from its hand, it has stepped back. It is said that, even most of the economy is in the hands of individuals whom only Mallas knew. What is known in the name of the organization is considered not even to be able to foot credits. It is not known if there is other force behind what is going on at present. For the time, the struggle going on in the oppressor’s camp is covered in mist.

An empire with Habashaa body and non-Habashaa soul is springing forward. The colonial system is trying to refresh itself in that way. The camp of liberation activists is also expected to come up with a matching transformation – if it has to reach its goal. Otherwise, the colonizer tries to transit from era to era with clay shoes that seem strong hiding weaknesses that befall it. Direct enemy is not the people from whom those who constructed the empire system originate, but the system. Be it Amaara, Wala’ita, Oromo or Anyuwak – whoever is at the head, the empire is simply an empire. Oromo in EPRDF do not feel that. Still, they are not released from Mallas’s voodoo. Even now, they did not demand voice that matches the people they pretend to represent.

Solution can be found only if the empire system crumbles. It is like what is said, “changing stoves does not make sauce more palatable.” If a snake molts its skin, it only loses the old one for a new, but it remains a snake. It rather becomes fresher. For this reason, whatever is to be done has to be done before it grew stronger. It is said, “rather than jumping on and snatching away dogs trail after cattle with loose horn hoping that they drop for them.” There are those that are tempted by that in the camp of the oppressed. They never visualize rallying their people and snatching away what belonged to them during the weakness period of the transition, but rather follow them meekly salivating. It needs to be a revolutionary to think in that way.

The time we were born, the time we grew up and the time of our old age had all differences. Technology, human knowledge, climate, etc. will slowly go on bringing about change. It is possible that development and growth that come with time may bring positive or negative change with them. All that could have influence on one’s outlook. If change is dragged, it may invite revolution. By change, it is meant that, when in society, something that is different from the known way happens. It is like the one where a non-Habashaa becomes the head to the “Christian Island” without his identity being hidden. As one knows an empire in which only Habashaa is the head. A social condition is a meshed up web where change comes in turns. The desire of a human being for independence, freedom, peace and justice will not be satisfied by changing faces of the oppressor. It rather continues to sharpen its methods in order to go on surviving.

When coming to the struggle for independence and freedom, we do not look at it differently from possible changes taking place in society. Whether change comes slowly or in a revolutionary way, it is to negate stagnation problems in society. That is something that comes naturally or hastened by leadership. When one says ‘live according to the times,’ it means to compete with change that occurred as not to be overtaken by stagnation. Since there is no growth in stagnation, society has existed carrying out a never-ending change to accommodate the coming new generation. For this reason, to move leaving space for others is a natural order. Lack of that could create chaos. Chaos serves no one sane purpose.>

No reason can hinder struggle for survival. Life is a life of competition. Those who are prepared overcome it. Time, that comes changing, demands more strength than the previous. Many peoples and civilization in the world were wiped out or swallowed by the powerful. Those that survived destruction so far are those that had strong systems and are ever prepared to face what comes and save their identity. Oromo was one among those. It came so far falling and felling, falling and springing up. It is one that has strength that could save oneself. Had the gene of theGadaa system not remained in Oromoo, Oromummaa could have been lost so far. All are hurrying up to wipe out that from Oromo.

It can be observed that, in the world, the desire to enrich oneself by consuming the other is getting more aggressive than ever before. To look at it silently will have without doubt fatal repercussion. If the Oromo chose to look at that silently, they may exist not as self sustaining nation, but as downtrodden individuals for the time. Soon, they will not have country, language, history, culture and tradition to refer to. That could be learned from some Oromo tribes in the north. But, if they pull all the courage and defend themselves with determination, the opportunity for survival is immense. Self-defense is blessed by all situations, religion and laws. Even if activists of that time are now aging, the Oromo struggle that commenced four decades ago is still young. It should not be surprising, if there are among them some, who are fed up of the long journey. But, if patriotic activists and the young generation start disarming before the questions that released the struggle got answers, then only could it be worrisome. With that, Oromo survival as a people could come under question.

Those against whom the struggle is being waged still question if Oromo have any claim against them. They are rather seen planning for more sinister move to extend their rule over Oromia for eternity. There are among Oromo activists, who ignited the fire for the liberation struggle and who said to them “had you understood the question we raised, you would have known that they were not meant to separate us; forgive us if it appeared that way, and let us plan together on how we can be accommodated in your grand plan.” It does not even seem if they have arranged for a fallback if they refuse accepting their apology. Is this what they say, “Do not stand by, but join in plundering of your father’s house?” or is it contempt for oneself?

Many saboteurs were born in the process of the struggle. For over a hundred years, they kept the Oromo people apart. They divided Oromiyaa into several regions convenient for their purposes. They scattered Oromo tribes that were its pole and rafters over those regions. Regions, tribes and religion that were strong for generations – now became their weak joints. They have to go back to situations before they were occupied, and look into how these differences served as strength and Oromize their outlook. Otherwise, looking at the self and each other with alien spectacles will blur their sight.

Regions in which they find themselves are those that aliens divided them into and not something they made for themselves, so cannot be things to brag or be proud about. Oromo tribes are still foundations of their unity. That means they are their poles and rafters. Oromo nation is the top most structure, its pillar and roof that knots them all together. Tribalism is not something that competes with nationalism, but strengthen it. Concerning religion, Gadaasystem had already laid out on how harmony could be achieved. In the past, Oromo had only one religion. Even then, religion does not interfere in the affairs of politics, and vise versa. That was how the forefathers of Oromo kept religion and governance apart. The present generation has a lot to learn from them.

Oromo is one nation. Being one does not guaranty having unity. Unity is to be wholesome and show integration with harmony knowing, but not exaggerating, existence of differences. Required unity is the unity of kaayyoo, the unity for defending one’s country and people from evil. The love of one’s country must be expressed from the heart, not from the mouth. That would be realized when one starts to look at the self, at each other and at the world from the Oromo perspective. Oromo had ethical standards, lines not to be crossed in internal and external relations. In the independent Oromiyaa, the laws of Waq and those of men enforced them. Now, they may need social pressure and volunteers to be reintroduced and enforced.

Oromo have several political organizations. It will be a mistake to see those or cause to be seen same as none existent. To run away from strengthening those that are already there and try to suggest coming up with a strong new one is unlikely. The brain and experience are those that built, but unable to pull it down or prop it up. The seeming weak that different problems hindered from leaping forward have only a temporary glitch and will overcome soon. Like it is said, “Broken pieces are together wholesome.” They can make it faster if they rise hand in hand. That is likely.

Habashaa elites can no more hold the empire – as it used to be. For now, they have chosen their commander-in-chief with own identity from their colonies for the first time. Though fake, it has a symbolic significance for the region. What TPLF started as “federal” to disguise the nature of the empire state, without changing its structure and function, now has crossed to political party. They are coming out declaring one whom peers voted for in the party can rule the country irrespective of the national origin. But, that cannot change nature of the state. There coming that far indicate their understanding of problems going to engulf the region. They know that, for the enslaved, the change that started cannot be stopped until the empire state is dismantled. “One does not live as one knows, but as time demands” is a saying with great depth that came down from Oromo forefathers. It is required to wait prepared to catch what the time hurls. To be active – so as not to miss for laziness the opportunity that time holds can save one from extinction. When Oromo enemy comes out with changed tactics and strategy, unless one meet it with matching organization, counter tactic and strategy, it would be extending agony on oneself. It should not be forgotten that assumed weak joints that the enemy tries to poke at are also each others strength. To understand Oromummaatogether and see problems ahead with one eye, it is wise to go back and search for solution in the Gadaa system. Oromo is one; it is a people that have one language, one history, one common base for culture and tradition, and one common source of oppression. So far, no Oromo has come out denying this. What is mixed up is the inability to fix in common the standard of good and evil, honor and humiliation. An enemy for one is seen being friend for the other. If they cannot differentiate that together, they are bound to be enemy to each other. That is happening because their source of reference is not their own, but one that aliens kept aside for them. Oromo civilization is different from others. To use that, it is essential to go back to one’s civilization roots and research. The panacea for doubting and wavering could be found there. In a struggle, there could be no alternative with success to commitment and determination.

Honor and glory for the fallen heroines and heroes; liberty equality and freedom for the living and nagaa and araaraa for the Ayyaanaa of our fore parents!

Ibsaa Guutama is a member of the generation that drew the first Political program of the OLF.

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Dhugeeffannoon saa kan jarri “Kinishaa” yk “Tsera Mariyam” jedhani. Inni mirkaniitt waantaphee saanii tahullee seeraan “Nugusa” saanii olhanticha. Yoo inni hin malletteesine homtu hin tocho’u. Kun ayyamquwi fi hamilee oftuultuu irrati dhiibbaa hamaa akka qabu heduun nama hin dhibu. Inni ammallee meeshaa hacuuccaa saanii waan tahef cunqqurfamootaaf homaa hin basuu. Garuu injifannoo mallataawaan sanaan argame salphaa hin ta’u. Kaan harki dhokataan “Xossoo” wan keessa jiruuf eenyuu hin tochoosu jedhu. Horiin TPLF saamee tuullatee fi caasaan ittiin namoota biraa xaxee bulchuuf diriirfate harka sana dachaasuu akka hin dandeenyett amanu. “Kan deegaatt roorrise hin badhaadhu” akkuma jedhamu kan “Xossoo” hata’uu kan biraa dhibus balaan dukkanaawaa dhufe waan deebi’u hin fakkaatu. Roorrootu morma ummatootaa jala gahee jira.Wanti amma ta’aa jiru kan darban irra addaa. Moototi Habashaa darban Habashaa hin tahin malee sanyii saanii dhugaa kufanii ka’anii dhossu turan. Kanaaf Solomoonitti rarraasu. Eenyummaan qabee Dargii utuu hin beekamin hamattuun Dargiin “Walaamoo” jetti turte. Ergi gad bahamees bifti gurraacha ta’uu duraa taa’aa Dargii kan ilaale akka fedhett hiikkate malee, sanyiin saa utuu ifatt hin himamin raawwate. Ilma, ilma dhossaa Minilik jechuninis yaalameera. Erga hundi darbanii booda garuu Mootiin moototaas, hogganni Dargiinis Oromoo turan mitii jedhamuutt ka’e? Sun hundi empayericha bulchuutt Oromoon qooda guddaa waan qabaataa turef walabummaa gaafachuuf mirga hin qabu jechuufi. Oromoon akka saba tokkooti qoda fudhataa akka hin turreef boojuu, ashkarummaa fi moggaasaan kan itt galan abba tokkoota qofa ta’uu garaan saanii beeka.

Tigrawayi akka warra durii seenaa hin fakkanne akka ragaatt dhahachuu hin dhaqne. Geeddarama hunda haammataa fakkaatu dhandhoonuu yaalani. Jalqaba federaala jedhani. Amma waa’ee gola keessatt walqixxummaan qooda fudhachu dubbatu. Sanaan ilma ummatoota kaabaa keessaayyuu kan Wala’ittaa tahuun saa kan beekamee kooraatt olbasani. Kennati fakkeessaas keessa jira. Kolonooti hundi kennata akeekameen keessa jiru. Golli keenya hunda haammataa dha jechuu fedhu. Ammayyuu sirnichi sirnuma koloneeffataan caasate akka hin taanett nu gowwoomsuu yaalu. Isaaniif malee kan biraaf hin hojjetu. Hedduun of jajjabeessuuf kan ol itt bahe enyummaa malee nameenyaa ofii hin qabu jechuu yaalu. Sirnichi bososee jira; Qawwisi amma tolfamaa jiru hagam lubbuu akka itt horu hin beekamu. Garuu ummatoti ifaan mirga hiree sabummaa ofii ofiin murteeffachuu nagaan beekameefii dhimma itt bahan malee kan bosose tasa yoo unkutaawe hedduu galaafata.

Wayyaaneen sochi kolonota Habashaa keessa jiru domsuuf boojuu walitt qabdee maqaa saboota addaan “Dhaaba Demokratawaa Ummataa” kan jedhaman hundaaf ijaarte hidhata walqixootaa jechuun “EPRDF’ uumte. Achi keessaa ummatooti Kaabaa, Oromoo, Amaarraa fi Tigrawayi jaarmaa tokko tokko qabu. Erbala irratt Kaabaa fi Kibbi sagalee walqixxee qabu jechuu dha. Wayyaaneen akka bulanii olhantummaa see gaffii jala hin oolchine sirnaa fi seeraan xaxxee afaan wal waldhaalchiftee gamaggamaa baate. Amma garuu akkuma tasaa sirnichuma iseen fakkeessaaf lafa keessett dhimma bahanii jarri kaan as bahaa jiru. Taahitaa dhugaa kan harkaa qabu kan diinagdee fi caasaa too’annoo dhuunfate. Sun ammaaf Wayyaanee dha. Iseen jibba ganna digdama kuufame irraaanfachiisuuf jalaa mataa haa qabattuu, luugamichi harkaa haa bu’uu duubatt deebiteetti. Diinagdees yoo ta’e garri caaluu harka abbatokkootaa Mallas qofti beeku jira jedhama. Kan jaarmaan beekamu liqiiyyuu akka baasuu hin dandeenyetu hedama. Wan ta’aa jiru humni biraas duuba haa jiratuu hin beekamu. Kanaan qabsoon mooraa hacuuccaa keessa jiru hurrii aguggatee jira.

Empayerri qaammi saa Habashaa, lubbuun saa Habashamitii ta’ee as bahaa jira. Sirni koloneeffataa akka sanaatt muuxataa deemuu yaala. Mooraan qabsaawota bilisummaas akeeka saa bakkaan gahuuf jijjirama sanaan walgitu gochutu eegama. Sana malee koloneeffataan laafina irra gahe dhoffatee kophee jabaa fakkatu suphee irra tolfame kaawwatee baraa baratt cehuu yaalaa jira. Diinni suduudaa ummata gurguddoon sirnicha ijaran keessaa bahan utuu hin ta’in, sirnichaa. Amaara, Walaa’ittaa, Oromoo Anyuwaan mataa itt ta’us empayerri empayerumaa. Oromoon EPRDF keessa jiran sun itt hin mullatu. Ammalee falfalli Mallas irra marse gad hin dhiifne. Isuma keessaallee sagalee ummata fakkeessaaf maqaa dhahataniin gitu hin gaafanne.

Kan falli argamu yoo finnaan empayerri diigame qofa. “Sunsuma geegeeddaruun ittoo hin minyeessu” jechuun sana. Bofti yoo muuxatu gogaa moofa gatee haaraa magarfata malee bofummaa saa hin jijjiiru. Ittuu basalgaawa. Kanaaf wanti ta’uu qabu utuu inni of hin cimin ta’uu qaba. Itt utaaltee irra butachuu mannaa “lallaafina baajii nuu harca’a jettee sareen duuka yaati” jedhama. Mooraa cunqurfamaa keessas kan sanaan kolomsiifaman jiru. Gororaa duukaa yaa’uu malee lallaafina cehumsaa kana keessa uumata hiruursanii luka jalaaa butuun itt hin muldhatu. Sana warraaqaa qofatu yaada.

Barri itt dhalannee fi barri itt guddane akksumas barri manguddummaa keenyaa hundi adda addummaa qabu. Technolojiin, beekumsi ilmaan nama, bonqabbanni kkf suuta jijjirama fidaa deemuun saanii hin hafu. Misommi fi guddinni yeroo yeroon dhalatu jijjiirama tolaa yk badaa waliin dhufuu ni malaa. Sun hundi akka itt ilaalan irratt dhiibbaa ni qabata. Jijjiirrammi yoo harkifate warraaqsa hawwachuu danda’a. Jijjiirama yero jedhamu haala beekamu irra hawaasa keessatt haalli adda tahe tokko yoo uumamu jechuu dha. Nammi Habashamitiin tokko eenyummaan saa utuu hin dhokfamin “Laaqiti Kirsistinnaa” irrati mataa ta’uun akka fudhatamuu sana faa jechuu dha. Akka baran jechuun as irratt empayera Habashaa qofti mataa itt ta’e jechuufii. Haalli hawaasomaa walxaxaa jijjirammi saa walirraa jala kan tahe. Itt fufee jiraachuuf mala jireenyaa dhahataa deema malee ilmoon nama, walabummaa, birmadummaa, nagaa fi qajeltuuf qabu fuulli cunqursaa jijjiirameef dharraa hin bahatu.

Gara qabsoo walabummaa fi birmadummaatt yoo dhufnu jijjiirama hawaasa keessaatt dhalachuu dandahuun addatt hin laallu. Jijjiirammi suuta haa ta’u warraaqsaan dhufu rakkina hawaasicha keessa jiru akka hin kantarre gochuufi. Sun uumaan kan dhufuu danda’u yk hooggansaan kan shaffisiisuun danda’amu. Akka baraatt bulla yoo jedhamu haalli keessa jiran akka hin kantarre jijjirama dhufeen dorgomuun jechuu dha. Kantara keessa guddinni waan hin jirreef dhaloota haaraa dhufaa jiru bakka argachuuf hawaasi jijjiirama wal irra hin citne gaggeeffataama jiraate. Kanaaf wal jalaa siqaa jiraachuun seera uumaati. Sun hanqachuun burjaajii uuma. Burjaajiin dantaa mata nagaa qabu kamiifuu hin tolu.

Qabsoo of oolchuuf tolfamu sababi kamuu dhowwuu hin danda’u. Jireenyi jireenya dorgommeeti. Kan of qopheessetu irra haana. Barri jijjiiramaa dhufu kan darban caalaa jabina kan gaafatani. Addunyaa keessaa ummatoota hedduu fi qarooma hedduutu barbadaawuun yk kanneen angoo qabaniin liqimfamuun dhibamani. Kan hanga yoonaa badiisa irra hafan kanneen sirna cimaa qabanii fi eenyummaa saanii tursuuf kutannoon sona’anii eegani. Oromoon isaan keessaa tokko. Kufaa kufisaa, kufaa ka’aa as gahe. Kan cimina qabutu of olchuu danda’a. Qacceen sirna Gadaa utuu Oromoo keessatt hin hafne Oromummaan yoona baddeettii. Hundi isee keessaa balleessuuf xarfama.

Addunyaa keessatt tokko isa biraa nyaatee of gabbisuuf tattaaffiin tolchu kan yeroo kamii caalaa hammaataa dhufuun waan mullatu. Callisanii ilaallaan baduun mamii hin qabu. Oromoon yoo ofirratt callise akka saba of danda’atti utuu hin ta’in yeroof akka abba tokkeen gadgaloott ni jiraata ta’a. Akka yeroon dheerataa dhufuun garuu biyya, afaan, seenaa, aadaa fi dudhaa dhahatu hin qabaatu. Sana gosoota Oromoo kaabaa tokko tokko irraa hubachuun ni danda’ama. Yoo ofirraa faccisuuf kutatan garuu itt fufanii jiraachuuf carraa baldhaatu jira. Ofirraa faccisuun, haala, amanteen haa tahu seera kamiinuu kan eebbifame. Qabsaawoti yerosii haa dulloman malee qabsoo Oromoon kurnan afur dura jalqabe ammallee saafilaa. Isaan keessaa imaltuu dheeraa kan nuffan jiraachuun waan raajii ta’uu hin qabu. Garuu gaaffiin qabsoo furgasee deebii utuu hin argatin jaalbiyyooti qabsaawoo fi dhalooti haaraan hidhannoo hiikkane jennaan kan raajii ta’aa. Akka ummataatt lee’uun Oromoo caalaatt sanaan gaaffii jala galuu hin hafuu.

Kanneen qabsoon irratt gaggeeffama jiru ammallee dhugaa qabdu akka itt furmaata itt goonu haa mari’anu jechuu irra, tooftaa Oromiyaa irra isaan tursu karoorfataa jiru. Qabsaawota ibda bilisummaa qabsiisan keessaa garuu gaaffii kaafnee isiniif hin galle malee kan addaan nu qoodu mitii, yoo akkasitt nu jalaaa fudhatame ta’e nuu dhiisa jechaa jiru. Yoo didan maal goona jedhanii duubbee tolfata kan jiran garuu hin fakkaatu. Kuni “Manni abbaa kee yoo saamamu keessa gugadhuu” isa jedhan moo of tuffachuu dha laata?

Yaa’a qabsoo keessatt hankaaksitu hedduutu dhalate. Ganna dhibbaa oliif ummati Oromoo akka qubaa wal hin qabaanne godhanii jiraachisani. Oromiyaa godinaa isaaniif tolu hedduuti biinxa’ani. Dhaabaa fi dagalee Oromoo kan ta’an gosoota Oromoo godinoota kana irra firfirsani. Godinaa, gosa fi dhugeeffannoon dur jabina ilmaan ummatichaa turan, amma ijoo lallaaftuu saa ta’ani. Garaagarummaan kun jabina akka ta’e haala utuu hin qabamin keessa turranitt deebi’anii akkaataa of itti ilaalan Oromeessuu qabu. Kana malee amma daawitii halagaatiin ofis walis ilaaluutu ija isaan maraa jira.

Godinooti keessatt argaman kan halagaan itt isaan kukkute malee kan ofii tolfatan waan hin taaneef wan ittiin dhaadatanii fi itt boonan ta’uu hin qabani. Gosoti Oromoo hardhallee bu’uura tokkummaa saatii. Dhaabaa fi dagalee ummaticha jechuu dha. Sabi Oromoo caasaa ol haanaa, utubaa fi gaalee ummaticha walitt guduunfu. Gosummaan sabummaa kan jabeesu malee kan ittiin dorgomu miti. Waan dhugeeffannoo ilaalutt sirni Gadaa dursee akkaataa atommi itt argamu diriirsee jira. Oromoon dur dhugeeffanno tokko qaba ture. Yerosillee dhugeeffannoon hojii malbulchaa, malbulchi hojii dhugeeffannoo keessa hin seenu ture. Kanaaf akaakileen Oromoo amantee fi malbulcha adda addati ilaalu turani. Dhalooti ammaas sana irraa hedduu barachuu danda’aa.

Oromoon saba tokko. Tokko ta’uun tokkummaa qabaachuu hin mirkaneessuu. Tokkummaan garaagarummaan jiraachuu beekaa utuu hin afarsin, guutuu ta’uu fi atoomaan wal ta’isa jechuu dha. Tokkummaan barbaachisu tokkummaa kaayyoo, tokkumaa hamaa biyyaa fi ummata ofiirraa itt eegan jechuu dha. Biyya ofii jaallachuun afaaniin osoo hin ta’in garaa irra ka’uu qaba. Dhanquu Oromoo keessaan ofis walis, addunyaas ilaalutt gaafa ka’an sun ta’a. Oromoon hangameessa safuu, timjii hariiroo keessaa fi alaatt hin qaxamuramne qaba ture. Oromiyaa walaba keessatt sun seera Waaqaa fi namaatin eegama ture. Amma garuu deebisanii akka hojiirra oolu dirqisiisuuf dhiibbaa hawaasaa fi fedhaa gaafatu ta’a.

Oromoon dhaabota malbulcha hedduu qaba. Kanneen akka hin jirrett ilaaluu yk ilaalchisuu yaaluun dogoggora. Kan jiran jabeessuu baqatanii haaraa jabaa uumuun as baana jechuun waan hin fakkaanne. Sammuu fi muuxannoon kanum jara dadhaboo sana ijaaree diiguus kabus dadhabe. Jarri rakkinni adda addaa fulduratt furga’uu dadhabsiise yeroof malee fala argachuun hin oolu. “Caccabduun walitt fayyaa” akkuma jedhamu wal qabatanii yoo ka’an sana ni shaffisiisu. Kun waan fakkaatu.

Gurguddoon Habshaa empayeritti akka turtett gaggeessuu hin dandeenye. Ammaaf ajajaa olhaanaa saanii akka ta’u enyummaa saa waliin yeroo jalqabaaf kolonoota saanii keessaa fo’ataniiruu. Kan sobaa ta’us godinichaaf ta’isa mallatawummaa qabu. Utuu caasaa fi dalaga saa hin jijjiirin empayerummaa finnaa Itiyoophiyaa dagachiisuuf kan TPLF “federal” jechuun jalqabe amma gola malbulchaatt ceha jira. Gola keessatt murni hundi mirga walqixee waan qabuf kan hiriyaan filte saba fedhe keessaa haa ta’uu biyyattii mo’uu ni danda’a jechuun as baha jiru. Garuu sun uumaa finnichaa jijjiiru hin danda’u. Hammana deemuun saanii rakkina godinacha irra lolal’uuf ta’u qayyabachuu saanii agarsiisa. Kan garboomfatamaniif jijjiirammi jalqabame utuu finnaan empayeraa hin cirmin akka hin dhaabbane beeku. “Akka baraatt malee akka baranitt hin bulan” jechuun, jecha beekumsa gadi fagoo qabu akaakilee Oromoo irra darbaa dhufe. Waan barri darbatu qabachuuf sona ta’anii eeguu dha. Carraan barri fidu daagummaan akka hin dabarre si’awaa ta’uun badii irra of olchuu ta’a. Dinni Oromoo tooftaa fi tarsimoo jijijjirattee yoo gadi bahu, jaarmaa walgituu fi farra tooftaa fi tarsimoo saaniin gad itt ba’an malee gadadoo ofitt dheeressuu ta’a. Ijoo lallaaftuu se’ee dinni tuttuqu barbaadu jabina walii ta’uun dagatamuu hin qabu. Oromummaa waliin qayyabatanii rakkina isaan fuldura jiru ija tokkoon ilaaluu dandahuuf duubatt deebi’anii fala saa sirna Gadaa keessaa soquun gamnummaa dha. Oromoon tokkichaa; afaan tokkoo, seenaa dhahatu tokko, hundee aadaa fi dudhaa tokko, madda hacuuccaa tokko, ummata qabu. Kana Oromoon haalu hanga yoonaa as hin baane. Kan wal jalaa dhahame, hamaa fi tolaa, ulfinaa fi salphina waliin madaaluu dadhabuu dha. Kan tokkoof nyaaphaa kaaniif dhibantaa ta’u hin qabu. Sana waliin ilaaluu hin danda’an taanaan jarruu walii nyaapha. Sun kan ta’e maddi isaan dhahatan kan ofii osoo hin ta’in kan halagaan lafa kaa’eefi. Qarommi Oromoo kan biraa irra adda. Sanatt dhimma bahuuf hundee qarooma ofii keessa deebi’ani qorachuu dha. Qorichi mamii fi daddaaqinaa achi keessaa argama. Qabsoo keessatt kutannoo fi dudhammi filmaata milkiin baasu biraa hin qabani.

Ulfinaa fi surraan gootota kufaniif; walabummaa, walqixxummaa fi bilisummaan kan hafaniif; nagaa fi araarri Ayyaana abboolii fi ayyoliif haa tahu!

Ibsaa Guutama miseensa dhaloota saganta ABO isa jalqabaa baasan keessaa tokkoo.

— Gubirmans.com