November 27, 2012 (Oromo Press) — The purpose of this piece is to bring into the open a lurking question that is often avoided as a taboo by Oromians to maintain internal harmony. That question  relates to the divisive and self-defeating agenda propagated by Ethiopian nationalists of Oromo descent. The idea of ‘Ethiopian nationalists of Oromo origin’ is no fiction. They exist and they are taking a toll on our just movement and cause.  Even more than Amharas and Tigires do, the primary concern of this enclave is to maintain one Ethiopia at the cost of belittling and even destroying the long-standing Oromo question for self-determination up to independence. The group masquerades in dubious and faddy ideas of Ethiopianism, Horn of Africanism and internationalism, but they do frequently throw in “Oromo” as a way of adding flavor to their hidden beliefs in Ethiopia. They act like ‘House Negros’, those  slaves on American plantations who were more concerned for the needs and well-beings of their owners than were the owners themselves.

Debate About Ethiopia’s Future: Whose Fault?

To be specific, this  response was provoked by the Ethiopianist agenda promoted by Opride.com under the title, “Oromo hold the stump key to Ethiopia’s future.” This is the title under which the Opride Editor introduces his Ethiopianist belief by masking it as “roundup of opinions” from so-called experts and officials on current issues in Ethiopia. The “debate” aims at prescribing “the role Oromo should play in Ethiopia’s politics,” as a means of promoting the territorial, linguistic and cultural integrity of the Ethiopian state. The debate is part of a growing and embarrassing posturing by some elites from within.
The underlying assumptions in the title as well as in the phrase about the role is this: ‘Oromos are being massively persecuted because they have played no role in Ethiopia and the refusal to play that role has resulted in massive killings, incarcerations and abuses.’ In fact, the Editor’s clearly  on a mission to give Ethiopia a “future” by using  the Oromo people as a raw material toward achieving that goal. It is also implied in the Editor’s assertion that the cause of massive Oromo suffering in Ethiopia are Oromos themselves who have refused to change their behavior–does this sound like Oromo Dialogue Forum and Jijjiirma  rhetoric?  Right. It does and it is.
Indeed, the blogger was explicit in stating that Oromo political behavior is the only suspect in causing Oromo suffering when he wrote:  “How would/should the Oromo behave differently this time than it did during the last two decades?”This question is the same outdated  question asked by died-hard and racist Abyssinian nationalists. The Editor thus excels the Habesha at advocating for their “Ethiopia” more than they do. He does this by implicitly finding Oromos at fault for the killings, murders, jailing, and evictions they suffer in thousands, millions. He appears to mean the Oromo have self-inflicted genocide on themselves, even when the identity of soldiers who shoot at them are in fact Abyssinian soldiers  or co-opted Ethiopian nationalists gun-carriers, nafaxnyaa-collaborators. Some pro-Turkey writers also blamed the victims for genocide.
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