The 2012 Gumii Gaayoo (the National Assembly) of Borana Oromo to Start on August 4

Aug 3, 2012 (Gadaa) – According to information received by, the 2012 Borana Oromo Gumii Gaayoo (the National Assembly) will start on Saturday, August 4, 2012.

The Gumii Gaayoo is held every eight years in the fourth year of the Gadaa period; it’s the National Assembly for all Borana Oromo, not merely the Gadaa class in power. It’s to be remembered that the current Abba Gadaa Guyyoo Gobbaa assumed power in an inauguration ceremony held in Badhaasaa, Arero district of the Borana zone in 2009.

It’s also during the Gumii Gaayoo that the next Abbaa Gadaa, who will assume executive power in 2016, takes up the mantle.

The 2012 Gumii Gaayoo falls a few days after the ongoing Woyane-instigated conflict between the Borana Oromo and its neighbors. Thousands of residents of southern Oromia are currently in camps as refugees in Oromia’s neighboring country, Kenya, due to the Woyane-instigated conflict.

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