The Oromo People Should Intensify the Struggle without Being Distracted Misinformation

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

PRESS RELEASE, August 1, 2012

A group calling itself ‘Oromo Dialogue Forum’ has for the last two months been spreading isinformation to undermine the Oromo people’s confidence and trust in the struggle and on this organization. It is to be recalled as well that we have been patiently watching and periodically informing our people egarding series of movements under the cover of Oromo Liberation Struggle targeting emasculation of the OLF activities. As the current group’s activity is also a continuation of the past we are compelled to bring it to the attention of our people again. 

It is clear that this group is escalating its anti OLF campaign to international media. The choice of the VOA Amharic program to air what it used to hitherto pose as an internal Oromo affair has forced pectators to question the real motive of this group. One of the leaders of the group on July 28, 2012 explained the identity of the members and the objectives of the group not to the purportedly beneficiary Oromo people in afaan Oromo but on the VOA Amharic program. The Oromo mass back at home, who was not a party to the petty bickering in the Diaspora, was greeted with such news on international media for the first time. This shows that the objective of this group is not to find a solution to the Oromo roblem but to please other parties that strive to extinguish the Oromo struggle.

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