This Month in Recorded Oromo History – Highlights

The Oromo National Liberation Movement

October 26, 2012 (Gadaa) – On a cold October day in 1986, long-time Maa’ikalaawii (Central Prison) Oromo nationalist prisoners of conscience: Muhee Abdoo, Gazaheny Kaasaahuun, Yiggazuu Waaqee, and Kabbadaa Damissee were dragged out of their cells and executed by cold-blooded security officers of the Derg regime inside a military intelligence compound in Kotebe, a Finfinne suburb.

J/ Muhee Abdoo was a member of the Oromo Liberation Front’s Senior Leadership and an active member of the Students Movement during the 1974 revolution that uprooted feudalism from the Ethiopian empire. During the Students Movement, together with his comrades, J/ Muhee Abdoo was also a vanguard member of the USUAA (University Students Union of Addis Ababa/Finfinnee) leadership.

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