Update: OPDO Central Committee has been sequestered

Gulele Post | October 3, 2012

The OPDO central committee that is holding emergency meeting for third time since Meles’ demise has been sequestered,   to a dormitory outside the city in order to prevent information leakage.  They have been staying there, day and night, since Saturday. They were also  made to leave their telephones behind. Some of the members who addressed the crowd at Irreechaa on Sunday were ushered back to the meeting place.

This is meant to make sure they have no communication with the outside world. The plan is that they will be kept in such isolation until they break the gridlock over electing a new chairman and regional president.

Perhaps to avoid further backlash, unlike the previous meetings where they attempted to aggressively impose a handpicked choice,  TPLF minders are said to be absent from the current gathering. It seems the TPLF has resigned to following the discussions through wiretapping the venue.

–Gulele Post