Qeerroo:It is the time to finish out the TPLF dictatorship and proclaim freedom for the oppressed Nations.

Qeerroo – National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD)

July 19, 2012  

Press Release: QEERROO National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD)

July 2012, Finfinne, Ethiopia: Since the EPRDF government come to power, neither the Ethiopian people, nor the Oromos in particular have lived in peace and tranquility. The last 21 years on power, the regime has boosted itself as a guarantor of the right of nations and nationalities while it brutally imprisoned, tortured and killed these who have demanded for their legitimate right. Hunger, poverty, land grabbing, imprisonment and killings remains to be the visible face of the current dying regime. Despite the hugely hostile situation and unspeakable political tragedies meant to drag dissidents to submission, the people have remained at odds with dictatorial regime in its struggle. The sacrifices were also immense. In Oromiya the fear and animosity of the regime towards the people has resulted in massive and limitless imprisonment and displacement programs; even if that has in fact strengthened the people towards its struggle for freedom and self-determination. In these years of struggles, the merciless Woyane prisons have claimed the precious lives of thousands of Oromos. When the option for a peaceful struggle literally disappeared, the people were dragged in to an armed struggle. The responses to the resistance of the people for the last two decades were imprisonment, killing and planned impoverishing programs. Read full statment.