The Sleeping Giant is Awake; Do You Know What is Missing? (Repost)

October 29, 2012 (

This is to sincerely and honestly beg the children of Oromo to focus on the big picture. We have many capable and influential Oromos and stop undermining and disrespecting one another. I don’t blame some Oromos because they have succumbed to slavery and they always think that the Abyssinians are superior to them.

The most powerful force is overcoming inferiority. Don’t you recognize that God created you as a complete human being? Strengthen Oromummaa, listen to one another, create Organizational Structures in all Oromo Communities world-wide according to the following General Management Principles and guidelines:

~ Know How:

Always assign a person to a specific job based on his knowledge not on the basis of favoritism, acquaintance, region or religion.

~Thinking Challenge:

The higher your knowledge on a given subject, the higher your thinking challenge.

~ Problem Solving:

The higher your knowledge on a given subject, the higher your thinking challenge and the higher your thinking challenge, the higher your problem solving capabilities.

~Communication Skills:

Some people have knowledge but they lack communication skills. The chance of such people to rise to higher posts is very slim. Usually, they end up as experts. To solve our intricate social problems, however, we need capable people who have knowledge, problem solving capabilities, and communication skills. For instance, we need a lawyer who has the knowledge, the problem solving capability and who can effectively communicate to lawyers in our law-making, law interpretations, translations and law enforcement institutions, and to the non-lawyer general public and administrators in free Oromia. We need to learn from the failures of 1991/92 and beware of the talking heads! Never forget conviction, commitment and determination. Those who have these qualities did not give up or lose hope even under very harsh political and economic environments.

Remember that you think with what you know! Therefore, structure all our mushrooming Civic Organizations with skilled professionals. Carefully note that the above four basic management principles and guidelines are highly interrelated. Therefore, start applying them in all of our communities and civil society institutions soon.

~ Fill all Oromo Media Outlets by qualified and experienced journalists and form Organizational Structures to effectively manage them

~ Fill all Human Rights Organizations by experienced and qualified lawyers and activists

~ Strengthen all Oromo Communities administration with qualified man power. It is this administration and the bulk of intellectuals in Oromia that will take over power ultimately. Therefore, identifying qualified personnel who have demonstrated the commitment, conviction and determination to liberate Oromia from the occupation army of the TPLF must be the number one priority.

The above four basic Management Principles are from the knowledge I have acquired from a South African Management Training Firm – The Hay Management. As a management employee of Ethiopian Airlines, I was one of the management personnel that have applied these basic management principles to revise a salary scale for more than 3500 employees of the company.

Revolutionary Democracy is a high-rise built on sand and it will crumble soon. We have known many empires that have risen and fell – the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Empire, and the Sudan Empire and so on. Meles Zenaw’s Empire, Revolutionary Democratic Ethiopia is no more sustainable and it is crumbling in front of our eyes.

We remember our heroines and heroes. One of them, Sisay Ibsa, used to say “Keep on Pushing!” Just keep on pushing!!!!.

Kallacha W. Kune