Tigrean youth group calls Erin Burnett ‘unprofessional’

Note: This is how the United Tigrean (Tegaru) Youth Network reacts to CNN

August 25, 2012

Dear Ms. Erin Burnett and all CNN Editorial Board

Millions of CNN’s ardent viewers are disheartened and disgusted by the one-sided and opinionated segment titled, “U.S. aid to Ethiopia helping neither us nor Ethiopians” that was aired on Aug 22, 2012 by Ms. Erin Burnett’s show OutFront program.

Ms. Burnett, United Tegaru Youth Network (UTYN), a group that has 5,000+ members would like to comment on the lack of your professionalism and credibility in your reporting. Amongst other, some of our members are journalists and aspiring journalists. In the best of our genuine and logical judgment we are unyielding to say, you brought shame to the profession. Ms. Burnett, is this how you and CNN feel about Ethiopia and or its respected late premier Meles Zenawi? Or is there unknown vendetta? We do not really expect you to know all of Ethiopia’s and our Prime Minister’s achievements in your stint trip to Ethiopia. But CNN’s viewers expect a two sided story and all you needed was to listen what other world leaders such as President Obama, Prime Minister Blair, and Ambassador Susan E. Rice have to say about our beloved and respected premier.

Is this really how other CNN’s reporters conduct their reporting, travel to a country and never even ask one single citizen of that country how they feel about their leader; yet have the audacity to label the prime minister a “totalitarian” and “dictator”? We stand to be corrected but we don’t think viewers care about your opinion, they care about the factual information that you can deliver as a journalist. As a result of its visionary and intellectual leader Ethiopia has achieved many great things on the world stage and it will continue to rise to improve the lives of its citizens who’s devoted love and determination is unquestionable.

Just a lesson for you, Ms. Burnett, Ethiopia is the only African nation to be never colonized, a country that practiced Christianity before Europeans, a country that accepted Islam before the middle East, home to the earliest human sightings and over 4 million years old human fossil, home to many Rock-Hewn Churches and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites….just to give you an idea to go back and visit and talk to its citizens. As it is said, Ethiopia is known as the cradle of humanity, Ethiopians have always decided their own destiny and it will always remain that way. However, we will always continue to have symbiotic relationship with others. Yes including “the Chinese”.

On behalf of our members and millions of Ethiopians we seek an apology from CNN and Ms. Burnett for what we perceive was racist and unprofessional reporting.

With at most sincerity,
United Tegaru Youth Network (UTYN)