Addis Master Plan completed, sent to local governments

Finfinnee2014December 12, 2014 (Capital Ethiopia – pro-government website) — Established to craft a plan that integrates Addis Ababa with the surrounding Oromia region, the Addis Ababa and Surrounding Oromia Special Zone Integrated Master Plan Project Office will come to the end of its mission at the end of the current Ethiopian year. The board of directors, which is led by Dirriba Kuma, mayor of the Addis Ababa city government and Abdullaziz Mohammad, vice president of Oromia regional state, decided to submit the finalized integrated plan by January, 2015.

The board of directors are also expected to announce the approval of designs prepared by the project office, as part of the master plan. These include developing a green economy and using city rivers for recreational purposes. They are also contemplating to launch the plan in the next two weeks. The plan will serve the capital and the special zones for the next 25 years. Read more…

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Oromoon Oromiyaa Xiqqoo Qabsoo Oromiyaaf Maal Gumaachan?

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Oromo Music Legend Legesse Abdi in critical condition!

Artistiin keenya qaaliin Laggasaa Abdii garmalee dhukkubsatee du’aa fi jireenya giddutti argama. Dhimma kana AUDIENCE bal’a biraan gahuuf marsaa Ayyaantuu irratti maxxansa.

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SEENAA  Y.G (2005)   kutaa 3ffaa  | Muddee 12, 2014

Bilisummaan Dhiigaan malee hin argamtuun haqadha. Dhiigaan malee akka hin argamne itti amananii seenanii hojjachuun ammoo waa biraati. Dhaadannoo isaa ykn jecha isaa qofa beekuun ga’a miti jechuu kiyya. Bilisummaan dhiigaan malee hin argamtu jechuun, wareegama Lubbuu hanga gumaacha nam-tokketti baafnu malee, Bilisummaan gonkumaa hin jiru jechuudha.  maarree,Ummati Oromoo , Bilisummaan dhiigaan malee akka hin argamne beeku dhabee ykn itti amanuu dhabee moo, waan Bilisummaan barbaaddu sana guutuu hanqachuu irraa Bilisummaan irraa fagaatte ? Bilisummaa keenya gonfachuuf wareegamni kafalaa jirru salphaa miti. wareegama barbaachisu kafallee Bilisummaa keenya goonfachuu qabnaan, murtee Ummata Qabsoo gaggeeffatuu ykn dhaaba Qabsootti jiruuti. Wareegamni hin jiru jedhee qabsootti kan seenu, ykn wareegama baqachaa Bilisummaa kan hawwuu yoo jiraatee, waan wareegama gaafatutti seenee laaquu dhiisuu wayyaaf. Namoonni akkasii irra jireessa karaa gabaabaa filannaatti of-salphisanii Ummata isaanis salphisu. Read more…

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Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa fi Simbirtuu

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Invitation to community forum about the Integrated Language Education Program – December – 13-2014

Dear All,

The Committee formed to work on The Integrated Language Education Program cordially
invites you and your families to attend the Community forum, which is scheduled to take place
on December 13, 2014. The purpose of this forum is to discuss about the Integrated Language
Education Program designed for Oromo people, especially Children and how the Oromo people
in DC, MD, and VA will actively involve in the implementation Process of the program.
Where: Oromo Community Organization

6212 3rd Street, NW
Washington, DC 20011
When: December 13, 2014
Time: 3:00 PM

The Integrated Language Education Program Organizing Committee

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Ethiopia: Release protestors, stop crushing political opposition

amnestyDecember 11, 2014 (Amnesty International) — On 5 and 6 December, security services in Addis Ababa arrested an estimated 90 people during attempts to stage a demonstration by a coalition of nine opposition political parties. The arrests are the latest manifestation of the authorities’ hostility towards the political opposition ahead of the general election scheduled for May 2015. The Ethiopian authorities must ensure the immediate and unconditional release of those arrested for peaceful participation in, or the organization of, the demonstration, and all others imprisoned in Ethiopia for the peaceful expression of their political opinion. Read more…

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Oromo Cultural Festival at Federation Square on Dec 21, 2014


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Ethiopia: The Right to Remain Silent

Few political rights exist in Ethiopia and even fewer voices criticise the government.

Ethiopian 'Democratic' Election

Ethiopian ‘Democratic’ Election

December 11, 2014 (Africa in Fact) — The right to remain silent is one liberty not denied to critics of the Ethiopian government. Most other political entitlements have vanished. This explains the puzzle of Ethiopia’s invisible political opposition: it is so battered and brutalised, tattered and torn, that what is left of its pieces may never fit together again.

The current government is mostly to blame. It came to power in 1991 after it toppled the communist military junta led by despot Mengistu Haile Mariam. The victorious coalition of ethnic militias promised a new dispensation, based on the concept of “ethnic federalism”.

But nearly a quarter of a century later, Ethiopia remains a de facto one-party state. As countless analysts have noted, including successive European Union election observation missions, there is no separation between the government bureaucracy and the ruling Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). No political space is allowed to dissenting voices. Read more…

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Mediterranean deadlier than ever as migration surges in 2014

Rescued migrants in Italy are assisted by IOM staff in August. Latest reports recorded another 18 migrants reported missing, and presumed dead this week. In November 2014 alone, at least 8,000 people have been rescued at sea. © IOM 2014

In November 2014 alone, at least 8,000 people were rescued at sea. © IOM 2014

December 11, 2014 (Euronews) — The world’s deadliest sea is the Mediterranean, the United Nations refugee agency tells us, reporting that more people than ever are embarking on risky sea crossings in search of a better life.

The UN said the previous high of about 70,000 in 2011 during the Libyan civil war has roughly tripled. Syrians and Eritreans make up half the total.

The surge in numbers coincides with growing anti-immigration feeling in many countries, prompting UN human rights chief Antonio Guterres to criticise states as ‘mean-spirited’.

The bulk of arrivals has been in Europe: more than 207,000 people crossing from the Middle East and countries in Africa since January 1st; 3,419 died trying.
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African parasitic worm found in man’s foot

An X-ray of the parasitic worm in the foot of a Melbourne man. Photo: St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

An X-ray of the parasitic worm in the foot of a Melbourne man. Photo: St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

December 11, 2014, Melbourne, Australia (The Sydney Morning Herald) — A parasitic worm that grows up to a metre long has been found in the foot of a Melbourne man who is believed to have been living with it for years.

The worm, which usually burrows into its victims’ intestines and digs through their body to try to exit through a painful blister on their skin, was recently diagnosed in a Sudanese migrant who had been living in Australia for four years.

Dr Jonathan Darby, an infectious diseases physician at St Vincent’s Hospital, said the 38-year-old man sought help for a swollen foot that had been painful for about a year, prompting doctors to wonder if he had stood on something that had become stuck in his foot or had caused an infection. Read more…

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ETHIOPIA: Outbreak of Deadly Disease in Jail, Denial of Graduation of University Students



December 10, 2014

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep concern over the outbreak of a deadly disease at Gimbi Jail in Western Wollega, as a result of which one inmate has already died and sixty (60) others infected. HRLHA strongly believes that the very poor sanitation in the jail, absence of basic necessities, and denial of treatment after catching the illness have contributed to Mr. Yaikob Nigaru’s death. HRLHA fears that those who have already caught the disease might be facing the same fate. It is well documented that particularly inmates deemed “political prisoners” are deliberately subjected to unfriendly and unhealthy environments and, after getting sick as a result, are not allowed access to treatment until they approach or reach the stage of coma, which is when recoveries are very unlikely. HRLHA considers it one way of the systematic eliminations of alleged and/or perceived political dissidents. Read more…

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Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Muddee 09, 2014 Kadir Martu and Nafisa Asiyyoobee Oromo Music

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Sabboonaan Oromoo Barsiisaa Dirribii Nagaasaa Mootummaan Wayyaanee Waggaa Sadiif Manneen Hidhaa Ma’ikalawwii fi Qaallittii Keessatti Hidhee Dararaa Cimaa Irraan Gahaa Ture Irraa Dandamachuu Dadhabuun Har’a Wareegame

barsiisaa-dirribii-nagaasaa-3Gabaasa Oduu Gaddaa Mudde 9,2014 Sabboonaan Oromoo Barsiisaa Dirribii Nagaasaa daraaraa(torture)  guddaa mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF/n  irratti rawwataniin waggaa Sadii (3)oliif Mana hidhaa Wayyaanee Ma’ikalawwii fi Qaallittitti hidhamee dararama kan ture, darara ulfaataa irratti rawwatamaa tureen hakan Edaa hospital Geedootti lubbuun isaa Wareegame.

Sabboonaan Oromoo  Barsiisaa Dirriibii Nagaasaa barsiisaa M/B Geedoo Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’inatti muummee barnoota Information Technology barsiisaa kan ture, Sochii warraqsaa dargaggootni Oromoo mirga abbaa biyyummaa Uummata Oromoo kabachisuuf gaggeessan keessatti ga’ee guddaa taphachaa kan turee fi sabboonaa Oromoo mirgii namummaa fi dimookiraasii uummata Oromoof kabajamuu qaba jechuun soda tokko malee gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa finiinsa turedha. Read more…

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Oromia at Federation Square, December 21, 2014

Oromia @ Federation Square is one of the biggest Oromo Community festivals held every year. Since the beginning, Oromo people from across Australia congregated at Federation Square to celebrate and commemorate the beauty of Oromo culture.

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A Must Listen To Video

insidekenyaDecember 9, 2014 (Aljazeera) — Speaking exclusively to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, officers from four units of Kenya’s counter-terrorism apparatus admitted the police assassinate suspects on government orders. An Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) officer said the order comes from Kenya’s National Security Council: “It comprises of the President, Deputy President, Chief of the Defence Forces, Inspector General of Police, NSIS Director, Cabinet Secretary of Interior, and the Principal Secretary Interior. Any decision is made within that club of people”. President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Security Council members denied running an extrajudicial killing programme.

Western complicity

Britain provides training, equipment and intelligence to the units, according to the officers. A General Service Unit (GSU) Recce Company officer explained: “Once they give you the training, that is all. They go back to their country and they leave us to do our work”. Israel conducts more specific training, according to a GSU Radiation Unit officer: “We get some instructors from Israel”, he said, “how to eliminate. Actually it’s one of the training”. The head of the International Bar Association warned the alleged complicity of these countries could violate international law. Mark Ellis said: “It’s clear based on these interviews that there’s at least prima facie evidence to suggest that these third party countries are involved and therefore they all have responsibility to investigate”. Britain and Israel denied involvement and the UK Foreign Office said it had “raised concerns” with Kenya over the “serious allegations”. Read more…

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