Yemen Houthi rebels advance despite Saudi-led air strikes

Note: The situation in Yemen for Oromo refugees is dire. They are stranded between warring groups. What can each of us can do in Diaspora?  While the lawless country of Somalia offers facilities for evacuation of its citizens from Yemen, Ethiopian officials say “why they go there in the first place and let them die there”. That is one of the barbaric behavior of that regime.

An army tank moves on a street in Yemen's southern port city of Aden March 27, 2015. REUTERS/Nabeel

An army tank moves on a street in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden March 27, 2015. REUTERS/Nabeel

March 27, 2015, ADEN (Reuters) – Yemen’s Houthi rebels made broad gains in the country’s south and east on Friday despite a second day of Saudi-led air strikes meant to check the Iranian-backed militia’s efforts to overthrow President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Shi’ite Muslim Houthi fighters and allied army units gained their first foothold on Yemen’s Arabian Sea coast by seizing the port of Shaqra 100km (60 miles) east of Aden, residents told Reuters.

Explosions and crackles of small gunfire rang out across Aden late on Friday as Houthis made a push on the southern port city’s airport, a witness said. Read more…

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Risk of ‘World War’ between NATO and Russia on Ukraine as Yemen Bombed


  • World sleep walking from ‘Cold War’ to ‘Hot War’ and new World War
  • U.S. resolution to supply Ukraine with lethal weaponry passed
  • Russia warns such moves would “explode the whole situation”
  • Minsk agreement remains intact – little justification for escalation and ignoring EU allies
  • US continues to act as only global superpower despite powerful Russia and China and new multi-polar world
  • Hubris could lead to a new World War

March 27, 2015 (Gold Core) — Geopolitical risk has escalated sharply this week after the Saudi bombing of Yemen and the U.S. House of Representatives voting overwhelmingly for the President to provide offensive weaponry to the Ukrainian army.

Both are likely to result in sharp escalation in tensions between NATO and Russia and see an intensification of war in Eastern Europe and the possibility of a regional war in the Middle East. Read more…

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The Major Challenges of Opposition Parties in Ethiopia and the Case of Leenco Lata’s ODF

By Kiya Tesfaye | March 27, 2015

kiyaSince the adoption of the new Constitution in 1995, Ethiopia has organized 4 elections carried out regularly ever 5 years (in 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010); the ruling party, TPLF, claimed victories in all of these elections. Unfortunately, post-election reports always show that none of the elections in Ethiopia has so far been free, fair and democratic.

Through intimidation by local cadres, or by withholding basic government rations from rural and urban poor households, people had been forced to vote for TPLF. Through such controversial elections, TPLF had claimed victories over the majority of the votes. In some places, where the TPLF had been unable to win, stealing the ballot cards had been the case. Election frauds, reactions of the opposition parties to the unfair elections, and anger of the public had been the main reasons to see instabilities, chaos, mass arrests, deaths, harassment and disorders in the aftermaths of election periods. Therefore, due to the undemocratic nature of these elections, dissenting political parties had been unable to win over the dictatorial TPLF regime – which indirectly means that people can’t change their leaders through the ballot box in Ethiopia. Read more…

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Rakkinni ummata Oromoo, Mootummaa Walaba Oromiyaa ijaaruudhaan furmaata argata malee, umurii cunqursaa fi saamichaa Oromoo irratti dheereffatuuf filannoo dharaa Wayyaaneen geggeessituun miti

Saartuu Magarsaa irraa | Bitootessa 27, 2015

Sirna dimookraasii jechuun, sirna mootummaan ummataa, ummataan, ummataaf ittiin ijaaramu jechuu dha. Sirni dimookraasii kun, mootummaa ummataa, ummataan ijaaramee ummataaf hojjetu argamsiisuu kan danda’u, mirgi yaada ofii bilisa ta’anii ibsachuu,  mirgi bilisa ta’anii socho’anii ummata dammaqsuu, mirgi ijaaramuu fi ijaaruu, mirgi siyaasaa kan dhaaba siyaasaa fedhan deggeruu fi mormuu, mirgi siyaasaa kan filuu fi filamuu, mirgi hiriira nagaa bahuun imaammata mootummaa ykn dhaaba siyaasaa  deggeruu ykn mormuu, mirgi sabquunnamtiitti walqixa dhimma bahuu, mirgi seeraan tikfamuu fi kkf yoo kabajame fi hojii irra oolfamee dha.

Sirni dimookraasii, mootummaa: ummataa, ummataan ijaaramee ummataaf hojjetu ijaaruu kan danda’u, seerri hundaa ol ta’ee hundi seera duratti walqixummaan yoo ilaalame fi qaammi filannoo hoogganu, qindeessuu fi murtii sagalee ummataan darbe labsu, ummata bal’aa fi dhaabota siyaasaa filannoo irraa hirmaatan hunda biratti fudhatama yoo qabaatee dha. Sirni dimookraasii, mootummaa ummataa, ummataan, ummataaf argamsiisuu kan danda’u, dhaaboti filannoo keessatti dorgommii siyaasaa godhan, dhaaba isaanii keessatti kan sirna dimookraasiitti amanan fi ittiin bulan yoo ta’e ,imaammata ummata bal’aa biratti deggersa qabu qabaatanii ummatatti kan dhiyaatan yoo ta’e fi ummati akka isaan filu abdii irraa qabaatanii ummati bilisa ta’ee fuulduree isaa akka murteeffatu yoo itti amanan qofa. Read more…

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Seife Nebelbal Radio and Simbirtuu

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Three men become first in New York history to be sentenced to prison for selling khat

khat27n-3-webMarch 26, 2015 (New York Daily News) — For the first time in New York history, peddlers of a euphoria-inducing plant called khat will be sent to prison after three leaders of an international distribution ring cut plea deals, prosecutors said Thursday. Read more…

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Oromo TV: ADO, Himala Leencoo Lataa fi Hegeree Qabsoo Oromoo

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“Ethiopian Government Must Stop Instigating Ethnic Cleansing Conflicts and Killings of Indigenous People through Resettling Refugees and Establishment of Many Military Camps for Rebels throughout the Gambella Region”


Gambella Nilotes United Movement/Army


Press Release

26th March 2015

GNUM Condemns the New TPLF government’s Systematic Military Operation against the Indigenous Nilotic-Omotic Peoples of South Western Regions of Ethiopia. The New military operation plan known as “Black Revolution” is deadly secretive and very systematic in its practice, and aims at systematic elimination of total existence of the indigenous black nations (Nilotic peoples) living in Gambella, Lower Omo and Beneshangul Gumuz regions, and any resistance against the ongoing land grabs and forced evictions in the South western regions. It provides protection and assurance to highlanders’ (Northerners) systematic occupation and economic empowerment in the South Western regions. Read more…

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Transparency and Accountability Should Be The Hallmark of Any Oromo Nonprofits Organizations: Has MWMF Surpassed Such Threshold?


TransparencyHere is a challenge, stop for a second and think about how many times Oromo organizations irrelevant of their goal have asked for funding through donations. Whether we reside in Minneapolis, Washington DC, Seattle, Atlanta, Toronto, Melbourne, London or Oslo, wherever a concentrated Oromo community exists the need to raise money has always been a part of the Diaspora community. While some causes are noble and worthy of every penny we donate, others have been less than stellar at best and downright fraudulent at worst.

For example, consider how many times you have been asked to donate to an organization without really knowing how much money the organization has raised or what their overhead costs are? Read more…

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By Claire Lauterbach

Trovicor brochure25 March 2015 (Privacy International) — German surveillance technology company Trovicor played a central role in expanding the Ethiopian government’s communications surveillancecapacities, according to a joint investigation by Privacy International and

The company, formerly part of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), provided equipment to Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in 2011 and offered to massively expand the government’s ability to intercept and store internet protocol (IP) traffic across the national telecommunications backbone. Trovicor’s proposal was to double the government’s internet surveillance capacity: two years’ worth of data intercepted from Ethiopian networks would be stored.

Trovicor’s predecessor in intelligence solutions, Siemens Pte worked closely with its British partner Gamma Group International via an offshore company in Lebanon to expand lawful interception in the east African country. Gamma Group’s highly intrusive FinFisher malware suite was used to target Ethiopian dissidents. Forensic traces of FinFisher malware have also been traced back to one of Gamma’s Lebanese operations. Read more…

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National interest, conflicts of identity politics and conflict resolution

Prof. Hamdesa Tuso , Seminar in Oslo, Norway  | March 25, 2015


Dr. Hamdesa Tuso teaches at Department of Peace and Conflict Studies Faculty of Graduate Studies, The University of Manitoba 252C-70 Dysart Rd. Winnipeg, Canada R3T 2M6


Teaching and celebrating Oromummaa is an on gong and continuous process in order to develop Oromian national interest in the predominantly Oromoo country , Oromia and elsewhere the oromoo people live in the world. Discourses on identity politics as well as the socio economic and political conditions of Oromo society emanates partly from reinforcing Oromomummaa at home land and in diaspora with a special weight and focus on uplifting of Oromians national consciousness of their identity both at a community and national level. By virtue of exercising these very natural rights the contemporary Oromo society is facing many conflicts. According to Dr. Tusoo commencing with regime king Sehile Sillassie of Showa, the Abyssinian elite deployed strategies to conquer and control the Oromo country. Strategies and schemes backed by the European technical advisors were intensively executed and implemented to destroy the Oromo identity from the globe. Hence Oromo’s has been exposed to both external and internal conflicts since the Abyssinian’s domination of the Oromo country. Read more…

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Maal haa baasuuf dhama raasuu?

Abdii Boruu | Bitootessa 24, 2015

Akkuma beekamu MQBO keessatti tasgabbiin dhibuun ilmaan oromoo hedduu yaachisaa turuun isaa hundafuu ifaa dha.Kun ammoo namootuma amma ofii salphatanii Oromoo salphisaa jiran  irraa ti. Gaaffii akkamitti ,maal godhanii eessatti jettu  sana  ammaaf seenaaf dhiisutu gaarii dha. Gochaan Habashotaa kun barumsa nuuf haa tahu jechuuf ,ilmaan namaa ti ni yadna waan taheef kan darbes yaadannee, kan tahaa jirus ilaallee, kan fuula duraas xiinxaluun waan nu rakkisu natti hin fakkatu. Kanaaf waanni kun akka tahu durumaanuu dubbachaa waan turreef amma nu dinquu fi diina dhiifnee wal irraa wacuun fulmaata natti hin fakkatu. Garuu gochaan diinaa inni ammaa kun jarmiyoota Orommoo alaa keessa jiraniif   ergaa jabaa  ykn dhaamsa guddaa dha .

Hogganooti ODF kun gariin isanii warra Ethiopiummaan  summawanii dha  waan taheef yaada kana hin fudhatan jedheen yaada. Sababiin isaas habashooti seenaa  isanii keessatti karaa nagaa tahanii rakkoo furuu  akka hin dandeenye isanumatu nutti himaa ture waan taheef , isaan walii isaniittu  barcuma ykn   aangoo ajechaan malee  karaa nagaa  waliif dabarsanii hin beekan  kun ammoo nama seenaa impa’irattii beekuuf waan haraa miti. Read more…

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Sirni Ibidda Qabsiisuu Malee Dhaamsuu Hin Beekne Ibiddaan Dhabama

(Ijoo Dubbii ABO) | Bitootessa 24, 2015

Itophiyaa keessatti hannii fi saamichi haayyamamaa fi deggeramaa dha. Empaayera  qabeenyi ummatootaa fi biyyaa miliyoonotaan itti saamamu waan taateef. Empaayera Wayyaanee keessatti lubbuun lammiilee kabajaa hin qabu. Sirna garee shiftaan durfamu mormuun, mirga ofiif qabsaa’uun seeraan ala jedhamee  bakkayyutti ajjeefamuun, hidhamuun, dhaanamuu fi balaa ulfaataaf saaxilamuun gochaa guyyuu lammiilee irratti raawwatamaa jiru waan taheef. Bittaa bulchiinsa alagaa jalatti dararamni Saboota mirga uumaa fi seeraan qaban  dhaban irra gahu ammoo hunda irra ulfaata.

Gaaffiin sabummaa ummatni Oromoo kaasee waggoota dheeraaf irratti qabsaawaa jiruu fi gaaffii hangafaa tahe silaa kan deggeramuu qabu, gaaffii cubbuu taasifamee, kabajaa  ummata Oromoo xiqqeessee, salphisee fi qaanessee gaddaa fi hiyyummaa salphaatti keessaa bahuu hin dandeenye keessa isa seensisee argama. Ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi dararamni diinaan irra gahu hammaatus ummatni Oromoo gaaffii kaaseef hanga deebii quubsaa fi isaaf malu hin argannetti kan qabsoo itti fufu tahuu tarkaanfii diinaa fi lukkeelee diinaa irratti fudhatuun agarsiisaa jira. Read more…

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Ergaa Ergamtuuf malu!

Jiituu Lammii, Bitootessa 24, 2015

Karoora karaarraa dabe – qeeqnii fi qorannoon hin deebisu. Doorsifnii fi sossobbaanis hin qajeelchu. “Silaas takkaa taanee…” jedhanii ija jabinaan itti deemuunis dhuma isaa hin miidhagsu. Wayyaaneen torbanneen lamaan darban kanarraa eegaltee diddaa ummataa ukkaamsuuf karoora karaarraa dabe baaftee reeraawwii isaatiif OPDO of dura qabdee  bobbaatti jiraachuu odeessi tibbana gola mootummaa naannoo Oromiyaa keessaa bahe ni mirkaneessa. Akka odeessa kanaatti karoora  diddaa ummataa ukkaamsuuf akeekkate kana milkeessuuf dirqamni humnaa fi sossobbii  makate qondaalota OPDO olaanoorraa ka’ee hanga dabballee gandaatti diriirfamuu maddi kun ifatti mul’isa.

Akka kanaan, duulli Abbaa Duulaa fi Muktaar Kadiriin oogganamu (booda kanammoo H/Maaramiinis dabalachuutu himamaa) qorqalbii hawaasaa hawachuuf maqaa wal gahii fi moggaasa adda addaatti dahatee, magaalota akka: Jimma Amboo, Naqamtee, Fiichee, Adaamaa, Shaashamannee, Calanqoo fi kanneen biroorratti fuulleffachuun sochii  eegaleera. Sochii kana maqaa tolchuuf  dahannoo adda addaatiin golganii qalbii ummataa hatuuf yaaliitti jiru. Read more…

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“Negotiated Surrender” : ODF’s Fundamentally Flawed Approach to Conducting Oromo Struggle

March 24, 2015 (Oromo Press) — A political group can follow a method of struggle that it deems can help accomplish its goals or political program, but that method can be fundamentally flawed when the context of the struggle and power relations (asymmetry) between groups are overlooked, misunderstood or misapplied for any reason.  When this happens, individual leaders can take a struggle in radically impossible direction compromising the well-being, security and existence of a nation.

The recent rejection of the Oromo Democratic Front by Ethiopia’s EPRDF regime highlights the fundamental flaw, not in principle, but in reality of the impracticality of the so-called “peace talks”  in an environment where there is an astronomical power imbalance between the ruling group and rebels or opposition.  The first duty of a well-meaning organization should be to alter that power imbalance and force a dictatorship to the table. The group’s leaders are no strangers to miscalculations and poor planning. Read more…

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High Ranking Woyane Agent killed in Ambo today


The candlelight, the Ambo youth lit up with their blood, will never quench

March 23, 2015

As of 8:00 PM local evening time (or 1:00 PM EC) today, March 23, 2015, the town of Amo, Central Oromia, is under curfew, after a High Ranking Tigrean military agent was assassinated. The light in the city, has been turned off and the telephone lines were under strict surveillance, says Eyob Bayisa of Seife Nebelbal Radio who spoke with some residents. Unknown assailant killed, the Woyane agent in Qabale 2 and walked away a little bit before 8 PM. The residents of the city, who did not know what is going on, were stopped and searched, and their personal properties were seized, as usual, by security agents.

Only eleven months ago, at a mass demonstration in which over 27,000 people participated from Ambo and its surrounding  areas against the Addis Ababa Master Plan, TPLF’s Agazi elite military division killed 30  unarmed students and members of the general public. The mass massacre included distraught families arriving at the scene to collect the dead bodies of their sons and daughters including a child of nine. Read more…

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