Mediterranean deadlier than ever as migration surges in 2014

Rescued migrants in Italy are assisted by IOM staff in August. Latest reports recorded another 18 migrants reported missing, and presumed dead this week. In November 2014 alone, at least 8,000 people have been rescued at sea. © IOM 2014

In November 2014 alone, at least 8,000 people were rescued at sea. © IOM 2014

December 11, 2014 (Euronews) — The world’s deadliest sea is the Mediterranean, the United Nations refugee agency tells us, reporting that more people than ever are embarking on risky sea crossings in search of a better life.

The UN said the previous high of about 70,000 in 2011 during the Libyan civil war has roughly tripled. Syrians and Eritreans make up half the total.

The surge in numbers coincides with growing anti-immigration feeling in many countries, prompting UN human rights chief Antonio Guterres to criticise states as ‘mean-spirited’.

The bulk of arrivals has been in Europe: more than 207,000 people crossing from the Middle East and countries in Africa since January 1st; 3,419 died trying.
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African parasitic worm found in man’s foot

An X-ray of the parasitic worm in the foot of a Melbourne man. Photo: St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne

An X-ray of the parasitic worm in the foot of a Melbourne man. Photo: St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

December 11, 2014, Melbourne, Australia (The Sydney Morning Herald) — A parasitic worm that grows up to a metre long has been found in the foot of a Melbourne man who is believed to have been living with it for years.

The worm, which usually burrows into its victims’ intestines and digs through their body to try to exit through a painful blister on their skin, was recently diagnosed in a Sudanese migrant who had been living in Australia for four years.

Dr Jonathan Darby, an infectious diseases physician at St Vincent’s Hospital, said the 38-year-old man sought help for a swollen foot that had been painful for about a year, prompting doctors to wonder if he had stood on something that had become stuck in his foot or had caused an infection. Read more…

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ETHIOPIA: Outbreak of Deadly Disease in Jail, Denial of Graduation of University Students



December 10, 2014

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep concern over the outbreak of a deadly disease at Gimbi Jail in Western Wollega, as a result of which one inmate has already died and sixty (60) others infected. HRLHA strongly believes that the very poor sanitation in the jail, absence of basic necessities, and denial of treatment after catching the illness have contributed to Mr. Yaikob Nigaru’s death. HRLHA fears that those who have already caught the disease might be facing the same fate. It is well documented that particularly inmates deemed “political prisoners” are deliberately subjected to unfriendly and unhealthy environments and, after getting sick as a result, are not allowed access to treatment until they approach or reach the stage of coma, which is when recoveries are very unlikely. HRLHA considers it one way of the systematic eliminations of alleged and/or perceived political dissidents. Read more…

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Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo

Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo Muddee 09, 2014 Kadir Martu and Nafisa Asiyyoobee Oromo Music

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Sabboonaan Oromoo Barsiisaa Dirribii Nagaasaa Mootummaan Wayyaanee Waggaa Sadiif Manneen Hidhaa Ma’ikalawwii fi Qaallittii Keessatti Hidhee Dararaa Cimaa Irraan Gahaa Ture Irraa Dandamachuu Dadhabuun Har’a Wareegame

barsiisaa-dirribii-nagaasaa-3Gabaasa Oduu Gaddaa Mudde 9,2014 Sabboonaan Oromoo Barsiisaa Dirribii Nagaasaa daraaraa(torture)  guddaa mootummaan EPRDF/TPLF/n  irratti rawwataniin waggaa Sadii (3)oliif Mana hidhaa Wayyaanee Ma’ikalawwii fi Qaallittitti hidhamee dararama kan ture, darara ulfaataa irratti rawwatamaa tureen hakan Edaa hospital Geedootti lubbuun isaa Wareegame.

Sabboonaan Oromoo  Barsiisaa Dirriibii Nagaasaa barsiisaa M/B Geedoo Sadarkaa 2ffaa fi Qopha’inatti muummee barnoota Information Technology barsiisaa kan ture, Sochii warraqsaa dargaggootni Oromoo mirga abbaa biyyummaa Uummata Oromoo kabachisuuf gaggeessan keessatti ga’ee guddaa taphachaa kan turee fi sabboonaa Oromoo mirgii namummaa fi dimookiraasii uummata Oromoof kabajamuu qaba jechuun soda tokko malee gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa finiinsa turedha. Read more…

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Oromia at Federation Square, December 21, 2014

Oromia @ Federation Square is one of the biggest Oromo Community festivals held every year. Since the beginning, Oromo people from across Australia congregated at Federation Square to celebrate and commemorate the beauty of Oromo culture.

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A Must Listen To Video

insidekenyaDecember 9, 2014 (Aljazeera) — Speaking exclusively to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, officers from four units of Kenya’s counter-terrorism apparatus admitted the police assassinate suspects on government orders. An Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) officer said the order comes from Kenya’s National Security Council: “It comprises of the President, Deputy President, Chief of the Defence Forces, Inspector General of Police, NSIS Director, Cabinet Secretary of Interior, and the Principal Secretary Interior. Any decision is made within that club of people”. President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Security Council members denied running an extrajudicial killing programme.

Western complicity

Britain provides training, equipment and intelligence to the units, according to the officers. A General Service Unit (GSU) Recce Company officer explained: “Once they give you the training, that is all. They go back to their country and they leave us to do our work”. Israel conducts more specific training, according to a GSU Radiation Unit officer: “We get some instructors from Israel”, he said, “how to eliminate. Actually it’s one of the training”. The head of the International Bar Association warned the alleged complicity of these countries could violate international law. Mark Ellis said: “It’s clear based on these interviews that there’s at least prima facie evidence to suggest that these third party countries are involved and therefore they all have responsibility to investigate”. Britain and Israel denied involvement and the UK Foreign Office said it had “raised concerns” with Kenya over the “serious allegations”. Read more…

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osfna-2014-live-abdi-saba-vs-qee-300x225Released by Board of Trustees

December 6, 2014


On November 22, 2014, the Oromia Media Network (OMN) Board of Trustees unanimously approved the creation of a Status Review ad hoc Committee (SRC) composed of three Trustees to:

  • Assess existing organizational problems,
  • Identify the root causes of these problems,
  • Propose a road map to help the organization overcome any challenges, and
  • Build a more robust media organization with lessons from its recent experience.

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Telling our stories: weaving our memories together

teferi_fufaDj’s response to Daniel’s interview with Oromo TV and the comments generated thereby prompted me to write this piece. I do not intend to correct or critique either of my two compatriots as I am grateful for the contributions both have made and continue to make. To that effect, I am going to jot down a few scattered thoughts below with the hope that it will generate useful contributions and lead to a more articulate to a more articulate narrative.

First of all, we are not the only ones to settle this region. Many others have done it before us. They all tell their stories and celebrate their successes even as they assess their challenges. We must do the same, and I hope this is the beginning.  Read more…

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Seenaa Oromoo Sabboona: J/ Tulluu Urgee Jiruu

Muddee 8, 2014

Seenaa-Oromoo-Sabboona-Tulluu-Urgee-Jiruu2Jireenya isaa guutuu haala adda addaa keessatti bifa adda addaatiin qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoof Kan gumaachaa ture, J/ Tulluu Urgee Jiruu, sadaasa 25, 2014 boqateera. J/ Tullun Oromummaa dagaaggisee, ummata isaa fi biyya isaa bilisa baasuuf roga hundaan qabsaawee darbeera. Gooti Kun, akuma gootata Oromoo biraa, seenaa fi aadaa ummata isaa badii irraa olchuuf, du’a, rakkina fi hidhaa utuu hin sodaatin qabsaaweera. Qabsoos Kan eegale akka nama tokkootti.

J/ Tulluun barsiisaa ture. Taphataa kubbaa miilaas ture. Kanarraa Kan ka’e bakka barsiisaa turetti garee kubbaa miilaa takka ijaaree Hundee jedhee moggaase. Gareen tun ijoollee fi oromoota jaalala kubbaa miilaa qaban yartuun eegalamte. Osoo olee hin bulin qonnaan bultoota ona Adaabaa ifatti Hundeef tumsa guddaa godhan. Read more…

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Yemen migrant boat carrying Ethiopians sinks killing 70

Ethiopian migrants sleep out in the open near a transit centre where they wait to be repatriated, in the western Yemeni town of Haradh, on the border with Saudi Arabia. (File photo: Reuters)

Ethiopian migrants sleep out in the open near a transit centre where they wait to be repatriated, in the western Yemeni town of Haradh, on the border with Saudi Arabia. (File photo: Reuters)

December 7, 2014 (BBC News) — A boat carrying African migrants has sunk off Yemen’s western coast, killing 70 people, Yemeni officials say.

The boat, carrying mostly Ethiopian migrants, sank off Yemen’s al-Makha port due to strong winds and rough waves, security officials said.

Tens of thousands attempt to cross the Red Sea into Yemen every year, often in rickety, overcrowded vessels. Hundreds have died making the journey.

Yemen is viewed by many migrants as a gateway to the Middle East or Europe.

The latest sinking occurred on Saturday, with reports of the incident emerging on Sunday. Read more…

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Corporations, U.S. join forces to aid African farmers

Ethiopian farmer Abdesemed Mohe, 36, walks through his field. Mohe increased his corn yield by more than 50 percent through a program that Iowa-based seed producer DuPont helped sponsor. (Photo: The Des Moines Register)

Ethiopian farmer Abdesemed Mohe, 36, walks through his field. Mohe increased his corn yield by more than 50 percent through a program that Iowa-based seed producer DuPont helped sponsor.
(Photo: The Des Moines Register)

December 7, 2014, GUNCHIRE, Ethiopia (USA Today) — President Barack Obama is counting on an unusual mix of taxpayer dollars and investments from profit-hunting agribusiness giants such as DuPont to feed the globe’s growing population.

For the plan to work, small-scale Ethiopian farmers like Tekalgna Abebe will need to greatly increase their paltry yields of corn and other crops. That will be no small achievement in a country where farmers typically plow by hand or with oxen and still plant their crops by tossing the seed willy-nilly out on the ground instead of placing it in rows.

Abebe, 38, a participant in DuPont’s program, harvested about 4 tons of corn from just over an acre of land last year, four times what he produced the year before. The extra corn will help him pay for schooling for his four children, the oldest of whom is 8. “I am confident that my children will have a bright future,” he said through an interpreter. Read more…

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Security Message for U.S. Citizens in Ethiopia: Security Reminder

U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | December 5, 2014

imagesThe U.S. Embassy informs U.S. citizens that political rallies or demonstrations may occur without significant notice throughout Ethiopia, particularly in the lead up to Ethiopian national elections in May 2015. Such rallies and demonstrations may be organized by any party or group and can occur in any open space throughout the country. In Addis Ababa, applications for permits to conduct rallies are often requested for Meskel Square or Bel Air Field. Please remember that even public rallies or demonstrations intended to be peaceful have the potential to turn confrontational and escalate into violence. You should, therefore, stay alert and avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution if in the vicinity of any large gatherings, protests, or demonstrations.

The U.S. Embassy reminds U.S. citizens of the on-going threat of terrorist attacks in Ethiopia. U.S. citizens are reminded and encouraged to maintain heightened personal security awareness. Be especially vigilant in areas that are potential targets for attacks, particularly areas where U.S. and western citizens congregate, including restaurants, hotels, bars, places of worship, supermarkets, and shopping malls. Al-Shabaab may have plans for a potential attack targeting Westerners and the Ethiopian government, particularly in Jijiga and Dolo Odo in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, and Addis Ababa. Attacks may occur without warning. Read more…

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Fresh terror alert issued in Moyale

A general view of Moyale town in northeastern Kenya

A general view of Moyale town in northeastern Kenya

December 6, 2014, MOYALE, KENYA (Standard Digital News): A terror alert has been issued in Moyale town.

The move follows an arrest of three Kenyans with alleged links to Al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, Al-Shabaab on Thursday.

A joint Kenya and Ethiopian security forces on Thursday made a major breakthrough in Moyale, Kenya after they arrested three people with more than 100,000 simcards from three different countries and secured sophisticated telecommunication gadgets, all traced to the Al-Shabaab terror cell.

The seized gadgets, worth millions of shillings are desktop computers, laptops, modems, cell phones, radio calls, digital cameras and satellite receivers. Read more…

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Insurance for Ethiopian herders aims to combat drought, conflict – TRFN


Nomadic livestock herders in Borena, Oromia have received their first insurance payout

YABELO, Ethiopia, Dec 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – N omadic livestock herders in Ethiopia have received their first payout from an insurance scheme that tracks poor pasture conditions with satellite technology.

Ethiopia has difficulty drawing full advantage from its livestock resources – the largest in Africa – because of the unreliability of pasture and water caused by persistent drought.

The new insurance scheme, known as index-based livestock insurance, aims to reduce losses, support pastoral communities, and lower the risk of conflict sparked by pastoralists migrating into agricultural areas in search of forage or water. Read more…

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Qeerroo Bilisummaa Artists’ Group: A New Inspiring Force in the Struggle of the Oromo Nation for Liberation

By Daandii Qajeelaa  |  December 4, 2014

I have been closely following and chronicling the struggle of the Oromo students and youth for freedom, democracy, and justice in the English language since November 2009 (see articles from Daandii Qajeelaa on for details). On my latest post, I have presented “A Chronological Summary of Oromian Students’ Movement Led by Qeerroo Bilisummaa: Nov. 2013 – Nov. 2014” on the eve of the commemoration of the 9th year anniversary of the 2005 Oromia-wide and bloody Oromo student movement commonly known as “Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa” (Revolt Against Subjugation). In that latest report I have emphasized that the Oromian students’ struggle has obtained a central leadership from a vibrant group of Oromo youth organized under the name of Qeerroo Bilisummaa or simply Qeerroo.

In this brief follow up report, I will begin by introducing one of the most remarkable accomplishments of Qeerroo Bilisummaa, namely, the establishment of a young revolutionary Oromo artist group known as “Hawwisoo Qeerroo Bilisummaa”, roughly translated “Qeerroo Bilisumma Artists’ Group” (translation mine) and its profound contributions in inspiring and energizing the young Oromo generation in the ongoing struggle of the Oromo nation for freedom, democracy, and justice. In particular, I will briefly present the list of songs produced and released on YouTube by this young group of singers since January, 2014. Then I will examine whether the April/May, 2014 Oromo students protests were planned, guided and executed by Qeerroo Bilisummaa or were “spontaneous” and “didn’t have a central leadership” as some have claimed. I will end this note by offering some pieces of advice to Qeerroo Bilisummaa and its supporters. Read more…

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