London Olympics 2012: Many Countries Represented by Oromia-Ethiopian Origins

By Caalaa Ganamoo | August 3, 2012

Oromia has produced thousands of young men and women athletes who dominate Olympic events and beyond. These young men and women leave memories behind themselves at every Olympics that every media outlet writes at least once in every four years. Abebe Bikila left a living historical temptation for the world. To write about marathon, one has to begin with Abebe Bikila. For the last 40 years, his name is at the front page of Olympic presses. Darartu Tulu is one of the great Oromo young women whose name is unforgettable in every athletics competition.

There are dozens of Oromo young runners represent Ethiopia today, not Oromia. More than ten countries in the world are sharing also the represention by young Oromo refugee athletes today in London.

Thousands of Oromos fled the successive Ethiopian regimes, because of the repression. The most brutal regime that produced the most Oromo refugees around the world is the current Tigrean led regime. The young Oromo athletes are from these refugees.

Among those countries represented by Oromo athletes is Bahrain. It is unique, because the number of non-Bahrainians are more the native. Out of 12 individuals, there are seven Oromos in Bahrain’s Olympics team. It includes Mimi Belete, Tejitu Daba, Lishan Dula, Shitaye Eshete, Marym Yusuf Jamal (born Zenebech Tola), Bilisuma Shugi and Genzeb Shumi.   There are more Oromo athletes who did not make this year’s Olympics in many Arab countries, Europe and America.  Some pictures of Oromo refugees who made to the London Olympics this year:

Maryam Yusuf Jamal (born Zenebech Tola), Bahrain

Genzeb Shumi, Bahrain

Bilisuma Shugi, Bahrain

Shitaye Eshete, Bahrain

Lishan Dula, Bahrain

Tejitu Daba, Bahrain

Mimi Belete, Bahrain

Betlhem Desalegn, UAE

Urige Buta, Norway

Sultan Haydar (born Chaltu), Turkey

Hayle Ibrahimov, may be non-Oromo Azerbaijan

Layes Abdullayeva (Tsige), may be non-Oromo Azerbaijan

–Caalaa Ganamoo